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Growing and protecting the game of golf in utah

In 2013 the Golf Alliance for Utah (GAU) was formed consisting of Utah’s major allied golf organizations an golf facilities. The GAU is tasked with championing the economic, environmental, recreational and lifestyle assets of the game of golf in Utah.

The GAU recently contracted with Stanford Research Institute to provide an economic and environmental impact study specifice to the state of Utah. These studies clarify the important position the golf industry holds within Utah’s greater economy, while also providing valuable information regarding golf’s stewardship of Utah’s natural resources and preservation of green space. The GAU has retained and experience lobbyist with golf industry knowledge to further the the positive economic and environmental aspect of golf to key decision makers within the state legislature.

The GAU is in the process of incorporating under a Utah state not for profit charter. The Utah Section PGA is currently handling all GAU financial and administrative processes. All finances are audited under strict tax compliance policies.

Economic and Environment Impact Summary Report

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Below is a summary report prepared by SRI International to gauge the overall impact the game of golf has in Utah. The full detailed report is available for all members of the Golf Alliance for Utah.

Utah is for outdoor enthusiasts, and no one knows this better than golfers. Set amongst the state’s natural wonders and wide-­‐open spaces, Utah’s 120 golf facilities represent more than a recreational pastime. Golf is a key industry contributing to the vitality of Utah’s economy.

In 2012, the size of Utah’s direct golf economy was approximately $400 million. The golf industry has played a critical and essential role in rounding out the state’s tourism industry, outside of the ski season and in other parts of the state, from the Wasatch Front to small, rural communities, and from the high country valleys in the 2 north to the mild climates of St. George in the southwest and Moab in the east.

Golf brings visitors to the state, spurs new residential construction, generates retail sales, and creates demand for a myriad of goods and services. In 2012, Utah’s golf industry generated a total economic impact of $805.6 million, supporting 9,625 jobs with $250.1 million of wage income.

The continued health and growth of the golf industry has a direct bearing on future jobs, commerce, economic development, and tax revenues for a large number of Utah’s communities and industries.

Why Join the GAU?

Exclusive Offers and Members Benefits

Although the Utah Golf Industry possesses huge econom-c, recreational, and lifestyle assets these attributes are virtually unrecognized within Utah government or within the general Utah Economy.

The Golf Alliance for Utah is being formed from among the major allied golf organizations and golf facilities. The GAU has the support of national allied golf groups under the umbrella of Golf 20/20 and SRI International.

The GAU will maintain a legislative presence (lobby) at the state legislature. This presence will both promote golf industry initiatives and protect for against negative legislation.

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For more information on the Golf Alliance Utah please contact any of the following:

Devin Dehlin, Executive Director of the Utah Section PGA Phone: (801) 566-1005 E-Mail: [email protected]

Jacob Miller, Executive Director of the Utah Golf Association Phone: (801) 563-0400 E-Mail: [email protected]