Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a quick answer? Find the questions we hear most and their answers below.

How do I sign up and how much does a membership cost?

  • You can sign up online by clicking here Join or Renew or by calling our office at 801-563-0400.
  • Adult members 19 years of age and older pay $36 for a 365 day membership.
  • Junior members 18 years of age and younger pay $20 for a 365 day membership.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the UGA?

  • Your membership with the Utah Golf Association benefits you in various ways. Not only are you supporting the growth of the game in Utah, you receive over $1,100 in discounts and benefits, opportunities to play private country clubs for a small fee, the ability to play in tournaments throughout the state, and your Handicap Index. We are committed to finding the best benefits for our members and we are always looking for ways to protect and grow the game in Utah.
  • You can view the complete list of member benefits by clicking here.

Need to change or remove a score?

  • If you need to change or remove a score, please call the UGA office. UGA staff will need your GHIN #, date the round was played and the changes needed. UGA staff will not remove a tournament score without authorization from the host club’s professional or handicap committee.

Why do I need to choose a home club?

  • You can’t have a Handicap Index without being a member of an authorized golf club. A golf club is an organization of at least 10 individual members that operates under bylaws with committees (including a Handicap Committee) to supervise golf activities, provide peer review, and maintain the integrity of the USGA Handicap System. Members of a golf club must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other. They must be able to return scores personally, and these scores must be immediately available for review by fellow club members. A golf club doesn’t have to be a private club. It can be at a public course or even a group that is not affiliated with a golf course. Any authorized golf association should be able to assist golfers locate a club that fits their needs.
  • Another option available is to create your own golf club. You can form a club with a minimum of 10 golfers. The club can be formed with business associates or friends, provided that they live in a close geographic area and play golf regularly together. The club doesn’t have to be tied to one specific golf course.

How long is my membership good for?

  • As of September 1, 2018, your UGA membership is valid 365 days from the date you join or renew.

When will I receive my membership card?

  • Data for members who have renewed or signed up is sent to our printer on the 1st and 15th of each month. You can expect your membership card to arrive in the mail 7-10 days after the date closest to when you renewed or joined.
  • If you renewed with a check it will take 7-10 business days for it to be processed. Your membership card will arrive in the mail 2-3 weeks after that.
  • If you have not received your card within that time period, please email and we will have one sent out to you promptly.

What is my GHIN number?

  • You can find your GHIN number on your own in a few different places:
  • Your UGA Membership Card
  • Your bi-monthly eRevision, which is emailed to you on the 1st and 15th of each month.
  • Your UGA renewal statement, which is mailed to you at the beginning of each year.
  • If you are still having trouble finding your GHIN Number, please fill out this form, or call the UGA Office at 801-563-0400

How do I check the status of my membership or my Handicap Index?

  • You can check your membership status by clicking here, or by clicking the yellow HANDICAP LOOKUP button on our homepage.
  • You can lookup your handicap and active clubs by entering your GHIN Number or Name and State.
  • If your membership dues are paid you will see your active clubs and Handicap Index.If you have not paid you will see the message “Golfer is Inactive.”
  • If you believe you have paid your dues and are seeing this message erroneously, please call the UGA at 801-563-0400.

Is your website secure?

  • is safe, secure, and validated with a SSL certificate.. If you are still having reservations, please call our office at 801-563-0400 and one of our staff members will renew over the phone.

Where is the member login area?

  • We have removed the member login area from our website for the time being. Now instead of using your username and password to log in, you just need your GHIN number to post scores and see your home club information.

What is the difference between a USGA Membership and a UGA Membership?

  • We often get calls from members who have renewed their membership with the USGA instead of the UGA. The USGA, or United States Golf Association, is the national organization that writes the Rules of Golf and Handicapping Manual, and they also conduct various amateur and professional competitions.
  • The USGA supports organizations like the UGA by providing handicapping and tournament software, providing answers to rules and handicapping questions, researching agronomy in the various regions of the nation, and by growing this game that we all love. Your membership with the USGA also provides you benefits, but the only way to get your Handicap Index is through a state or regional golf association like the Utah Golf Association.

How do I transfer my membership to another club?

  • Every member has the option to transfer their membership to a new club at no cost when they renew online each year. If you need to transfer your membership after you have already renewed you will need to call the UGA at 801-563-0400. If you are renewing your membership by mail, simply let us know what club you would like to have as your home club on the mail-in form.

How do I sign up at multiple clubs?

  • Although it is not necessary because your GHIN Number is universal, some members may want to join or renew at multiple clubs. If you would like to renew your membership at multiple clubs you will need to pay the $34 membership fee for each additional club you would like to join. In order to renew at an additional club, you will need to go through the renewal process just as you did at your first club. You can find detailed renewal instructions HERE.

Why should I join if I do not play in tournaments?

  • Your membership delivers much more value than just tournaments. In fact, while tournaments are a very popular benefit to many members, the majority of UGA golfers never enter one. Our members know that their membership pays for itself by using just one or two of the 2-for-1 benefits and reduced green fees on their membership card. All of the deals that we have for members at local businesses and sporting events throughout the year are additional reasons that the non-competitive golfer gains just as much from a membership with the UGA than anyone else. Click here to learn more about our Member Benefits

What are UGA Member Days?

  • UGA Member Days are non-competitive member outings open to players of all skill levels that provide the opportunity to play and experience some of Utah’s best private clubs! These are fun and friendly events designed to get our members out-and-about to meet new people and experience Utah golf at its finest. View the UGA Member Days schedule and find more information by clicking here.

What are the Gold and Silver packages?

  • The Gold and Silver packages are designed to add value to your membership and can be added to your cart when you join or renew. The contents of the packages change periodically, so check the description here.

How do I purchase a Gold or Silver Membership Package if I have already renewed?

  • Coming soon!

How does my membership give back to golf in Utah?

  • Your membership with the Utah Golf Association is more than just a Handicap Index. In addition to all of the member benefits that you will receive for being a member, your $34 annual dues help us grow the game in Utah. We are dedicated to hosting world-class championships, giving back to the Utah Golf Foundation, funding junior programs throughout the state, protecting golf courses and their professionals, and protecting the rights of golfers everywhere.

What is a Handicap Index?

  • A handicap index is used to indicate a measurement of a player’s potential ability on a course of standard playing difficulty. Handicap indexes make competitions fair by allowing players of different skill levels to compete on an equitable basis. A handicap index is calculated by averaging a player’s handicap differentials, not their average scores.
  • To learn more about handicapping and how it works, visit our Handicapping FAQ page.

How many scores do I need to post to establish my Handicap Index?

  • New members may start posting scores right away and can even back-date their scores if they have old scorecards laying around.
  • Those with an 18-hole Handicap Index need to post 5 18-hole rounds and wait until after the 1st or 15th of the month (whichever is sooner), before their Handicap Index will be established.
  • Those with a 9-hole Handicap Index need to post 5 9-hole rounds and wait until after the 1st or 15th of the month (whichever is sooner), before their Handicap Index will be established.

What is the difference between a women’s 9-hole and women’s 18-hole handicap?

  • Some of our member clubs have 9-hole ladies leagues that require their league participants to have a 9-hole Handicap Index. This is a service that we provide for those leagues and for ladies who may not ever play 18-holes. An “N” immediately following a Handicap Index indicates it is based on 9-holes (e.g., 8.2N). If a golfer with a 9-hole Handicap Index is playing 18-holes, simply double their Handicap Index and then apply the index to the slope of the 18-hole course.
  • If a player with an 18-hole Handicap Index needs to calculate their 9-hole Handicap Index, divide the Handicap Index by 2, round to the nearest hundredth, and apply to the slope of the 9-holes being played. Some courses have very different slopes on the front and back so it is important to apply the index to the specific 9-holes being played.
  • Unless they are required to have a 9-hole handicap index at their respective club, we suggest that all ladies who may play 18-holes at some point in time have an 18-hole Handicap Index.

What does the “R” next to my Handicap Index mean?

What are the active score posting seasons for Utah?

  • Northern Utah: March 15 – November 15
  • Southern Utah: Year-Round

Why is Northern Utah is inactive for score posting from November 15th to March 15th?

  • When a member posts a score to his/her handicap, they are posting against the Course Rating and Slope of the given tees he/she played. These rating values were calculated by Course Raters during the peak playing condition of the course. When winter hits Utah, these playing conditions change considerably (i.e. greens are slower, rough height is shorter, less foliage, drives can roll farther, etc). These altered playing conditions will, in many cases, lower scores across the board, ultimately lowering handicap indexes to a value that cannot be played to during mid-season.
  • Another way to look at it is to imagine what the Course Rating and Slope would be if the courses were rated in January. This is why authorized golf associations across the nation determine their respective inactive seasons that golf clubs in their jurisdiction must follow. Northern Utah’s starts on November 15th and ends on March 15th. As a side note for you snowbirds traveling to warmer climates, check to see if your destination is seasonal or year-round. Southern Utah for instance, is an area with a year round score posting season because of their beautiful winter climate. Remember, you must post rounds played at courses in states and areas that are active, even if Utah is not!