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To all our UGA Volunteers, we say thank you




Dear Utah Golf Association Volunteers –


As another successful season has come and gone, we can’t help but feel an immense amount of gratitude toward everyone who has helped make this season a success. Because the season ran quite smoothly, we attribute much of that toward the vast amount of help we received from you, the volunteers.

We recognize the hours you have given to us, all to help and give back to the sport that has given each one of us so much. For many of you, traveling long distances had become a norm. In the middle of the summer, “shifts” began at the crack of dawn and would sometimes carry-on into the early evening – making some days in the double-digit range.

We try to compensate you with food from the club and a free round of golf on our annual UGA Volunteer Day, but we are aware that we could never fully repay you for all your time and effort – being that your time is of the upmost of value to us. Yet, we know your dedication to the game of golf – especially to golf in Utah – is unmatched across the country.

You are willing to fulfill any role asked of you, no matter if it is registration at a tournament or course rating. Each and every contribution does not go unnoticed, whether we acknowledge it or not.

We would not be able to function if it wasn’t for you. Our tournaments are what they are because we have brilliant people, like you, who give more than they take.

To you, our faithful volunteers, we say thank you for an amazing year and everything you did to make it so!


Yours sincerely,


The Utah Golf Association Staff