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Another spectacular year of Member Day events



By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Millcreek, UT – One of the greatest benefits the Utah Golf Association can give to its members is the opportunity to participate in Member Day events.

Utah is one of the most beautiful places on earth and is filled with breath-taking views from St. George’s red rocks to the fall colors of Ogden Canyon. Amongst all that natural beauty can be found some of the top golf courses, public and private, for fellow Utahans to play. As one of the leading golf entities in the state, the UGA strives to provide opportunities for its members to play some of these private courses that can’t be played otherwise.

Via an official statement, the UGA said: “UGA Member Days are non-competitive member outings open to players of all skill levels that provide the opportunity to play and experience some of Utah’s best private clubs! These are fun and friendly events designed to get our members out-and-about to meet new people and experience Utah golf at its finest.”

With the final Member Day having just passed on Monday, participants got the chance to play seven of the finest courses in the state this year: Hubbard Golf Course at Hill Air Force Base (twice), Entrada at Snow Canyon, Logan Golf & Country Club, Jeremy Ranch Golf & Country Club, Riverside Country Club, Ogden Golf & Country Club and Oakridge Country Club.

“The Member Days are fun events,” said Kelsey Chugg, UGA Director of IT and Member Services. “It’s my favorite member benefit. [I’m always] excited to see people happy to be there.”

With great participation at each event – despite several having poor weather – UGA members always expressed their gratitude for the events being put on.

For many participants, these events are chances to play with their friends and family. For others, it gives them that chance to play an exclusive course or two.

Brandi Hamada, a UGA participant in three Member Day events this year, said: “How else are we going to play these courses?… These Member Days are a great idea.”

Brian Simmons, another member participant at Oakridge CC, said playing in these Member Days is a way for him and his brother to achieve their goal of trying to play every golf course in Utah. Unless one has connections, playing in Member Day events is the only way to play private clubs, Simmons stated.

Whatever one’s reason may be for playing in these events, it is well worth the expense to do so. With the possibility of new courses being added and old favorites left on, the 2019 Member Day events should be just as good or even better than this year.

As a UGA member, take advantage of this member benefit. Utah has some of the best private courses around.

We are looking forward to seeing you next year!