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TalonsCove GC flexes muscles en route to becoming the kings of team play


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Millcreek, UT – Steve Watts and company left Davis Park Golf Course on Oct. 2 victorious as they showed Rose Park Golf Course whose boss in the Public Senior Team Play Championship – winning 32.5-3.5.

Dealing with occasional downpours and a slight weather delay, players from TalonsCove Golf Course and Rose Park GC were faced with much more than the two gentlemen sitting in the opposing-golf cart. Having split the regular season at one match apiece, both teams were out for revenge, looking to be titled the kings of the public team play world.

Watts and playing partner Gary Witzel were the first to strike for TalonsCove GC. Up against the power-duo of Stephen McDonald and Timothy O’Hara, the No.1 and 2 players for the victors gained a clean sweep in the opening match. Getting three points for each individual match and the overall four-ball match, Team Watts lead after group one, 9-0.

The momentum didn’t stop there as good friends Randy Hicken and Ron Davis kept it rolling for TalonsCove GC as they too flexed their muscles against the likes of Brad Kooyman and Chris Smith. Collecting yet another nine points for the winning squad, Hicken and Davis demonstrated why their plus-handicaps are no joke.

Rose Park GC avoided feeling any sort of chagrin, thanks to the half-point earned from the Troy Creer-Scott Dickerson partnership in the four-ball portion of the match verse Brett Sampson and Rick Groendyke. Trailing by 26 points heading into the final match, all Rose Park GC could do was hope more points were put on the board.

Thanks to a last second fill-in by Scott Barney, Rose Park succeeded in putting up three more points on the board as Barney defeated TalonsCove GC’s Gary Naylor. Jeff Goettsche managed to hold his own against Chuck Sorge – helping Naylor get the victory, 6-3.


TalonsCove GC                                                  Rose Park GC


(1) Steve Watts                3                              (1) Stephen McDonald                    0

(2) Gary Witzel                 3                              (2) Timothy O’Hara                         0

                Four-Ball          3                                              Four-Ball                         0

(3) Randy Hicken             3                              (3) Brad Kooyman                          0

(4) Ron Davis                   3                              (4) Chris Smith                               0

                Four-Ball          3                                              Four-Ball                         0

(5) Brett Sampson           3                              (5) Troy Creer                                  0

(6) Rick Groendyke         3                              (6) Scott Dickerson                          0

                Four-Ball          2.5                                          Four-Ball                          0.5

(7) Gary Naylor                0                              (7) Scott Barney                              3

(8) Jeff Goettsche            3                              (8) Chuck Sorge                              0


Total:                               32.5                                                                                 3.5


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