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Alpine CC Shows Dominance in Senior Team Play Victory


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Millcreek, UT – Alpine Country Club can now chant the infamous lyrics from Queen, “We are the Champions.”

Glenwild Golf Club & Spa was the host site for the 2018 Private Senior Team Play Championship between Alpine CC and the Country Club of Salt Lake on Oct. 1st. The match proved to be competitive until the end, despite two lightning delays, as Alpine clinched the trophy, 25-11.

The tandem duo of Brent Bryson and Steven Borget claimed a straight sweep against the Country Club’s No. 1 and 2 players, Wayne Fisher and Bob Crawford, 9-0. Despite keeping the match semi-close through the first nine holes, Fisher and Crawford could never recover as Bryson and Borget pulled away on the back nine.

Alpine kept the ball rolling as Steven Smith and Dan Parkinson added to their team’s lead. Though relinquishing three points to the likes of Heber Jacobsen and Keith Olsen, Smith and Parkinson won each of their individual matches and the 4-ball point – concluding their match at 6-3.

The Jim Tybur and Don Bostrom pairing was the only winning partnership for the Country Club. Tybur gained a crucial two and a half points against Craig Peacock, while Bostrom slugged out a half-point in his match with Rick Bodell. The four-ball portion of the match gave the Country Club two points and Alpine one point.

In the final match of the day, Phil Harker and Dave Dorton took away another six points from the Country Club as Harker earned three individual points against Steve Mahas, and the twosome took all three points in the four-ball portion – finishing with a 6-3 win.


Alpine                                                             The Country Club

(1) Brent Bryson               3                              (1) Wayne Fisher              0

(2) Steven Borget             3                              (2) Bob Crawford              0

                Four-Ball           3                                              Four-Ball           0

(3) Steven Smith               2                              (3) Heber Jacobsen          1

(4) Dan Parkinson             2                              (4) Keith Olsen                  1

                Four-Ball           2                                              Four-Ball            1

(5) Craig Peacock             0.5                          (5) Jim Tybur                       2.5

(6) Rick Bodell                  2.5                          (6) Don Bostrom                  0.5

                Four-Ball           1                                              Four-Ball            2

(7) Phil Harker                  3                              (7) Steve Mahas                0

(8) Dave Dorton                0                              (8) Rich Musso                   3

                Four-Ball           3                                              Four-Ball             0


Total:                                25                                                                        11