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Save Glenmoor Golf Course Update

By Ginger Thompson, Director of Save Glenmoor


On August 7, 2018 at the South Jordan City Council meeting, held at Bingham High School, 414 concerned citizens came to voice their concerns about the development of Glenmoor Golf Course.

From around 8 pm until 10:15 pm was public comment. All parties who spoke were respectful of the city but passionate about saving the golf course as a full 18 holes. The city was very impressed with the manner in which these concerns were brought up.

After the public comment there was a review from the companies that took the surveys from around the city concerning the city’s proposed purchase of the course. The survey that was wide spread and at the city open houses was overwhelmingly for the city to bond for the course. Over 2100 surveys were taken.

The second survey was done by Y2 analytics. This is a scientific survey based on how the bond would appear on the ballot. This was not favorable to spending $18 million to purchase the course. The survey company said they have never seen numbers this low. Most people didn’t know what Glenmoor was, who owned it, or mistook it for Mulligans. However, 85% of these people (1000 surveys taken) believe strongly in retaining open space in South Jordan.

The city council then asked questions. They then gave their opinions on this issue. All 5 members of South Jordan City Council and the mayor said they would do what it takes to keep Glenmoor an 18 hole golf course.

They also stated that they would not rezone the land for higher destiny housing. They also believe that the price for the course was too high and that there needed to be some more price negotiations with the receiver for the course. The vote was to have the staff prepare the paper work to put it on the ballot, this however does not mean that it will go on the ballot. Council member Patrick Harris then gave a motion. The motion was to prepare staff to prepare to put the bond on the ballot with the condition of negotiating the price down and to have this in a contract with the receiver. All 5 voted yes! The motion passed. .

Tomorrow night, August 21 at 6:30pm, at South Jordan City Hall, the city council will be voting to decide to put this on the ballot. There is a belief that the price in now around $10 million, this is not a for sure known number. We also believe that the city council is unlikely to put it on the ballot because of the cost to the city and the other tax increases coming leave them to believe it won’t pass on the ballot. 

As a Save Glenmoor committee we urge people to come and tell the city council to leave all options open in purchasing the course. That they will do what is necessary to save this historical golf course in Utah.