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Sara Federico: Taking Advantage of Life’s Captured Moments


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Life is about capturing moments to grow and then taking full advantage of them, or so it is for the women’s head golf coach at Weber State University.

Starting at the age of five, Sara Federico grasped onto the game of golf quickly in her home town of Twin Falls, Idaho. Even though Federico loved a variety of activities growing up, she enjoyed the sport of golf most of all. For her, she wanted challenge. She wanted opportunities to grow and pass all expectations set for herself. Golf has been the channel that has allowed her to do that.

Now the head coach at her alma mater, Federico has looked to pass on her wisdom and experiences with those in whom call her coach – teaching life lessons gathered from a plethora of experiences. Having once been in her players’ shoes at WSU, Federico knows the challenges of a being a student athlete and young adult – lessons taught to her by her late predecessor, Jeff Smith.

It is in Federico’s DNA to want to help people – a possible key contributor to the motive behind wanting to be a coach. Because many of Federico’s finest learning moments came from those who coached her, she has a desire to instill things like good character and a hard-work ethic into her girls.

Now that she has been a head coach for two years at a Division I school, Federico can see how hard she made it on herself as a player. She wishes she would have been more relaxed and not taken the game of golf, or other things for that matter, so seriously. After all, it is just a game.  

Twin Falls Golf Club, the local municipal course, was where Federico and her best friend Jordan Hamblin – the person who got her into golf – spent all day every day during the summer months growing up. Hamblin’s dad, Mike, took Federico under his wings and began to work diligently with her on her game; Mike Hamblin was the head professional at the time.

Though golf was a family-orientated activity for Federico in the beginning, it soon became much more as her game progressed. It was at the age of 7 that she started to compete in tournaments and then later into high school and college.

For her, golf has always offered opportunities to progress and pass expectations. Whether it be that one putt or one solid shot on course that turned out exactly how she practiced it on the range, is what has given her the thrills and drive to make a career out of golf.

Federico acknowledged that not everything in golf is unicorns and rainbows. Moments have come for her that have made her feel uncomfortable and nervous. When she was younger, Federico was encouraged by Mike Hamblin, her coach at the time, to come and join him in a Skins game with some local guys. For Federico, golfing with the boys was intimidating, but as time progressed and the more she played with them, she gained the confidence she needed to help her in future rounds.

Outside of golf, Federico loves to learn and read. Her favorite book, which she expressed vehemently, is “Obsession” by Nora Roberts.

Federico also said she loves to stay active by playing volleyball, basketball and dance. If given the chance, she said would sign up for “Dancing with the Stars” in a heartbeat. She also loves to watch sports.

Sara Federico, thank you for helping our younger generations to not only maximize their golf talents but maximize their chances for a successful future.