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Recap for Days One and Two of Senior State Amateur

By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Fruit Heights – For whomever said seniors don’t have game, surely hasn’t watched any of the 2018 Utah Senior State Amateur so far.

As days one and two have been completed, the original field of 64 has been cut down to just six. Having played two different venues (Jeremy Ranch Golf & Country Club and the Wasatch Mountain Lake Course) and for some, 72 holes, the grind to claim victory is nearly completed. For some of the players, golf is life. For others, it is still a weekend hobby. Whatever the case may be, players from all backgrounds competed against each other in a match-play setting.

Championship Division

The final pairing for the top division includes a former professional and the 2017 reigning champion. One is a long-ball hitter while the other can be called Mr. Consistent – proving different golfing styles can get it done.

Brigham Gibbs had to slug his way through his side of the bracket by beating the four following individuals:

Round one: 2&1 over Curtis Cook (25)
Round two: 2&1 over Craig Wilson (9)
Round three: 2 UP over Randy Hicken (1)
Round four: 1 UP over Rich Stuart (12)

Brett Sampson’s side of the bracket wasn’t much easier as he fought to give himself a chance at repeating this year:

Round one: 3&2 over Guy Child (3)
Round two: 5&4 over Steve Borget (14)
Round three: 3&2 over Steve Poulson (22)
Round four: 1 UP over Kirk Siddens (18)

The twosome’s tee time is Wednesday at 8 a.m. off No.1 at Glenwild Golf Club & Spa.

Super-Senior Division

Age was no hinderance for those 65 years or older as 54 holes of golf was completed over the first two days. With no evidence of having the flame of desire burn out, players traded punches at each other, not willing to be the one knocked out.

Heber Jacobsen, the No. 9 seed, had tough matches through his first three rounds. Having nearly every match go the full 18, Jacobsen was just getting additional reps by beating the following:

Round one: 5&4 over Jon Memmott (8)
Round two: 2&1 over Michael Hacker (16)
Round three: 1 UP over Doug Marriott (5)

Michael Wood didn’t have it any easier as he was forced to give it his all in his first three matches. With one going into extra holes and another down to the final hole, Wood hasn’t lacked in getting extra repetitions too:

Round one: 19 holes over Mike O’Keefe (11)
Round two: 1 UP over Steve Wohlgemuth (14)
Round three: 3&2 over Tom Jones (2)

Jacobsen and Wood tee off Wednesday at 8:10 a.m.

Net Division

Though reliant on the handicap system, those who have participated in this division of the Senior State Amateur have put forth an impressive display of golf shown through their own merits.  

Aaron Kennard, the No. 13 seed, has had to fight relentlessly in each of his three matches on the opening two days. The former Sheriff of Salt Lake County held strong, having forced his opponents to stay on their toes each round:

Round one: 1 UP over Andy Tyminski (4)
Round two: 19 holes over Tracy Smith (12)
Round three: 2 UP over David Hunt (16)

Scott Burt, the No. 10 seed, has been on a role, making short work of each opponent he has passed through the bracket

Round one: 2&1 over Rick Moore (7)
Round two: 3&2 over Shaun Houston (15)
Round three: 6&5 over Russ Christensen (6)

Kennard and Burt will tee off at 8:20 a.m. on Wednesday.

CLICK HERE for updates through round two. Final results and a complete recap will come after the conclusion of the final matches, Wednesday.