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Glendale Succumbs to Lowest Average Qualifying Score


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Millcreek, UT – A birdie-par finish secured the medalist position for the University of Utah’s junior star.

On what was a warm and windy day at Glendale Golf Course, proved to be an even match for those competing in this season’s sixth qualifying event. Peyton Hastings, the lefty, held off the likes of Bob Mitchell and others with an impressive 5-under-par 67. With 24 qualifying spots available, every shot proved to matter on the 6,911-yard layout.

Hastings, after finishing his round, showed confidence in his game as he explained how he had been on point as of late. He said his “putter was really rolling” and that he hoped it continued on at state – a key contributor to Hastings’ six birdies on Thursday.

Glendale GC, known for its pristine greens and open fairways, rendered the lowest average-qualifying score per field up to this point on the year: 71.38. On a course where one can go low, players were forced to play aggressively, which both benefited and hurt those attempting to do so. The course was lined with white-hazard stakes, sporadic-water hazards and tricky rough – all catching the wayward golfer.

Mitchell, the medalist runner-up, expressed the big advantage it was to be familiar with such a course. Knowing which way the greens tended to break or where to miss it could have been the difference between being in or being out.

Hastings even said having familiarity and experience could be a “key factor going forward.”

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