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Jay Hoskins: Golf Provides Social Benefits for UGA Member


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Tiger Woods once said, “I love to play golf, and that’s my arena … I have a love and a passion for getting that ball in the hole and beating those guys.”

If there was ever a main reason why Jay Hoskins – a fellow Utah Golf Association member like you and I – loves the game of golf, it would be reflected straight from Woods’ quote. Hoskins loves golf and loves beating those he plays with. He golfs just about as much as he attends his golf-related job and he couldn’t be happier doing it. Though golf hasn’t always played a part in his life, it certainly does now.

Much of his free time is spent around the sport he loves so dearly. For him, he relies on the social benefits it provides him. One will rarely see Hoskins parading around a course by himself but rather with his brother, brother-in-law, nephew or friends.

Hoskins even went as far as creating a golf association of his own during his time spent in Seattle – an association known at the time as the Maple Valley Golf Association. He wanted to create a place for people to come and play and not feel the regular pressure associated with official tournaments.

The MVGA – consisting of 80 to 90 members at the time – was open to anybody who wanted to play golf with their family or friends. This golfing body would travel around to various courses around the Seattle area, looking for different opportunities to feel the rush of competition.

Golf brings Hoskins a tremendous amount of self-satisfaction. Very few things in life make him feel better than when an individual comes to him, seeking for help with their game. It could be a simple-swing tip or fitting an individual into the right clubs that brings a smile onto his face. He said if he had a choice to do things all over again, he would go back and strive to be a teaching professional.

Hoskins grew up along the Wasatch Front. His childhood consisted of many sports – golf was not one of them. He particularly enjoyed his time on the ball diamond or court, playing baseball and basketball.

Hoskins didn’t pick up golf until he was 20 years old – just prior to his time spent in San Diego as a reserve in the Marines. He explained how his schools didn’t have golf teams, thus demonstrating the difficulty of getting into the game of golf in this neck of the woods.

Jokingly, Hoskins said he wished he’d known who Bruce Summerhays – a former high-school friend and a former-professional golfer – would become, then he would have made a greater effort to hold onto that friendship.

He recalls a time as a child when he nearly made it to the Little League World Series, falling a run short to a team based out of California. As a pitcher on that team, Hoskins was quick to clarify that he wasn’t the guilty party responsible for that loss. A game, anyone could see, Hoskins wished he could have another crack at.

Though athletic and talented in said sports, he failed to make either team at South High School – a motivation for Hoskins, later in life, to pick up the game of golf.

After working in the airline business for nearly 30 years – living in both San Francisco and Seattle – as a system and procurement manager at Marriott In-flight and LSG Sky Chefs, Hoskins decided to head back to Salt Lake to be closer to family and play more golf. (He has one daughter and she lives in the Seattle area).   

Golf, he said, is a way for people to bond and make life fun. It is a sport of singularity but done so while with people. Golf is forever changing, a sport that one is “never going to master.” Yet, he loves it just the same.

Jay Hoskins, thank you for being a member of the UGA. We appreciate all you do and your involvement within the golfing community.