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Team Pink Secures Goddard Cup with 14.5 of 18 Available Points

Team Pink (L to R): Kiselya Plewe, Karen Bruin, Naomi Soifua, Kareen Alton, Roberta Scott, Gracie Richens


Team Purple (L to R): Nuny Kham-One, Laura Gerner, Kelsey Chugg, Sonja “Sue” Slavicek, Kanna Crosland, Joanne Kim


By Megan Terry, Programs Administrator


The Goddard Cup is an annual Utah Golf Association team competition that offers Ryder Cup-style matches to Utah golf’s top amateur women. The event tributes Jeannie Goddard, a loyal member of the Utah golf community who served in a variety of ways. Jeannie was the volunteer coordinator of the Senior PGA Tour’s Uniting Fore Care Classic. She also served as president of the Utah Women’s State Golf Association (UWGA) and was the first female board member in the history of the Utah Golf Association. Sadly, she passed away in October 2002 from a rare, fast-spreading form of cancer. Jeannie Goddard was a great influence on the growth and development of women’s golf in Utah. The UGA will be forever grateful for her service and will continue honoring her through The Goddard Cup for years to come.

The year’s event, hosted by Willow Creek Country Club, featured Team Pink and Team Purple. Weber State University’s Kiselya Plewe, 2017 Utah Women’s State Amateur Runner-Up Naomi Soifua, Brigham Young University’s Gracie Richens, Kareen Alton, Roberta Scott and Karen Bruin made up Team Pink, while Team Purple included Idaho State’s Laura Gerner, Four-Time Utah Women’s State Amateur Champion Kelsey Chugg, Kanna Crosland, Nuny Kham-One, Joanne Kim and Sonja “Sue” Slavicek.

Team Pink gained the early lead by reeling in 8.5 of the 9 points available in the morning foursome matches. Plewe/Soifua earned all three points against Gerner/Chugg. Richens/Alton brought in 2.5 out of 3 points versus Crosland/Kham-One, and Scott/Bruin secured Pink’s comfortable lead with 3 out of 3 points against Kim/Slavicek.

During the afternoon four-ball matches, Pink’s Soifua/Alton earned all 3 points versus Purple’s Chugg/Kham-One. Team Pink’s Crosland/Gerner attempted a comeback by securing three points against Plewe/Richens. Still, teammates Scott/Bruin assisted with the overall winning by posting 3 out of 3 points versus Purple’s Kim/Slavicek, and Team Pink claimed the 2017 Goddard Cup triumph with 14.5 out of 18 total points.