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Ted McGregor - April Member of the Month

By: Tanner Clegg, P.J. Boatwright Intern

Congratulations to Ted McGregor for winning our April Member of the Month Contest. 

Our question this month was how have the rules of golf made a significant impact on a round of golf for you or your playing partner? Ted won with the following response: During the Senior Games in St. George, October 2016 – On #1 of SunBrook golf course, I hit it right down the middle. A small ditch (water hazard) was on the right side and then crosses the fairway. We could not find my ball. As I was going back to hit for a lost ball, I walked the opposite side of this ditch which was just mud. I noticed a hole in the far bank the size of a golf ball. I looked into this hole and saw my ball with my two purple dots. I spoke with my playing partners and we declared that it was in the hazard even though embedded. I took a plenty and dropped behind the ditch. Following the round, I checked with Reed McArthur, the local professional, before turning in my card. He said that was the correct ruling. I ended up with the Golf medal for my age group however I wanted to just pull out the ball and play from the spot directly above where it was because it was past the margin of the hazard with no penalty. 

Here are a few question and answers to help you get to know Ted a little better:

What’s your home course-  Eagle Mountain, Brigham City, Utah

What do you do for a living- “Bet on the golf course” just kidding. Retired after 41 years in law enforcement. Retired as Director of Public Information and Education for UTAH Highway Patrol

What's your favorite golf course- Out of state: Old Course St. Andrews, In state: Jeremy Ranch

What's your funniest golf memory-   When I was about 16 years old I missed a hole in one. It went into the Weber River at Schneiter's Riverside golf course. It shot back out of the water, hit a tree that overhung the green, rolled along a branch then dropped on the lip of the hole. My buddies were yelling that doesn't count if it drops in. We waited the ten seconds but it did not drop in.

What are your hobbies- golfing, grandkids, Harley Davidson riding, camping, boating skiing water/snow

What is your favorite quote and who said it- “We are differences, for respecting differences, for allowing differences, for encouraging differences, until differences no longer make a difference”       -Jonette B. Cole

Why are you a UGA member- to support the game of golf and to enjoy the friendships of other players I meet. I enjoy the excellent benefits of the UGA

Check back May 1st for our next contest!