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September Volunteer Spotlight: Tim Lyman

Tim Lyman, UGA Rules Official


By Brett Rubash, Boatwright Intern


Each month, the UGA spotlights one of our devoted volunteers to express our deep appreciation for all they do and to help you, our loyal members, become well acquainted with them. The month of September features one of our newest volunteers, Tim Lyman.

Born on November 26, 1960 in Palo Alto, California, Tim has been an avid fan of golf the majority of his life. One of the first pieces of sporting equipment he ever owned was a golf club. It was around age 13 that Tim really began to golf on a regular basis. He carried his love of the game through high school and into his adult life. His only regret is that he wishes he had taken the game more seriously and played in high school.

After high school, Tim attended the University of Utah where he majored in communication with an emphasis in radio, television, and film. Tim began a 31-year career with KSL following his graduation. At the time of his retirement, Tim was the live production manager for KSL. 

While at KSL, Tim began a workplace romance that turned into a marriage with his wife Cynthia. He met Cynthia when she was working at KSL as an executive assistant. They got married in 1987, a year after they started dating. Tim and Cynthia have two children, Angela, age 25, and Ian, age 22.

In his retired life, Tim enjoys golf, exercising, and traveling. He and his wife just returned home from their first trip to Europe and hope to begin traveling more extensively in the future. Besides taking long trips, they enjoy visiting their daughter in California.

This is Tim’s first year volunteering as a Rules official for the UGA. He has always had an interest in the Rules of Golf, but he wanted to learn more about them. At his Monday afternoon golf outings with friends, Tim was always the go-to guy for Rules. Following retirement, Tim had more time to expand his interest in the Rules to a new experience with the UGA. He decided to become a Rules volunteer after his first few Rules classes. 

“Officiating is definitely something new I’ve pursued, but it’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’m really glad I did it and got into it,” Tim said. “It’s fun, and I really do enjoy it.”

The UGA is truly honored to have volunteers like Tim. These volunteers allow the UGA to fulfill its mission to promote interest in the game of golf by encouraging, organizing, supporting, sponsoring, and administering golfing activities and programs.