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Amateurs Win Utah Governor’s Cup Second Straight Year

For many years the Utah Section of the PGA dominated the annual Governor’s Cup matches with the amateurs of the Utah Golf Association, but in recent years the momentum has changed. Thursday the amateurs won the Cup for the second straight year by giving the pros a pretty good thumping, 20-12, at Hubbard Golf Course at Hill Air Force Base.

The amateurs have now won three out of the last four matches, but the pros hold a 20-7-2 overall record and so they have a cushion of more than a dozen years.

The matches have a Ryder Cup style format with competitions in foursomes (alternating shots), four ball, and singles. Each team consists of 12 at large players and four seniors.

The biggest difference came in the senior division where the senior amateurs threw a shutout against the professional seniors, winning all eight points, which was the margin of victory. In the at-large match ups the two teams halved the points.

2015 Utah Governor’s Cup

Hubbard Golf Course, HAFB

Team Totals- UGA 20, PGA 12

Foursomes Results

UGA 5, PGA 3

Kida-Owen, UGA def. Volk-Edwards, PGA

Wright-Brimley, UGA def. Watkins-Fowles, PGA

Sharp-Summerhays, PGA def. Rasmussen-Ruiz, UGA

Zobell-Rhees, PGA def. Hargett-Hargett, UGA

Horner-Overson, UGA, Baird-Lines, PGA, halved

Jeon-Lee, UGA, Johnson-Owen, PGA, halved


Sampson-Siddens, UGA def. Abegglen-Sasser, PGA

Wilson-Jorgensen, UGA def. Stone-Nelson, PGA

Four-Ball Results

UGA 4, PGA 4

Johnson-Owen, PGA def. Rasmussen-Overson, UGA

Ruiz-Brimley, UGA  def.  Watkins-Fowles, PGA

Jeon-Horner, UGA  def.. Sharp-Summerhays, PGA

Baird-Lines, PGA def. Wright-Hargett, UGA

Kida-Hargett, UGA  def. Volk-Edwards, PGA

Zobel-Rhees, PGA def. Lee-Owen, UGA

Singles Results

UGA 11, PGA 5

Casey Fowles, PGA def. Ryan Brimley, UGA

Jason Hargett, UGA def. Shawn Edwards, PGA

Tracy Zobel, PGA def. CJ Lee, UGA

John Owen, UGA def. Ryan Rhees, PGA

Rhett Rasmussen, UGA, Zach Johnson, PGA, halved

Mark Owen, PGA def. Darrin Overson, UGA

Troy Watkins, PGA def. Kai Ruiz, UGA

Brandon Kida, UGA def. Dustin Volk, PGA

Seon Jeon, UGA def. Tommy Sharp, PGA

Dan Horner, UGA def. Joe Summerhays, PGA

Jon Wright, UGA, Matt Baird, PGA, halved

Brandon Hargett, UGA def. Milo Lines, PGA


Brett Sampson, UGA def. Kent Abegglen, PGA

Mike Jorgensen, UGA def. Quentin Sasser, PGA

Mark Wilson, UGA def. Brad Stone, PGA

Kirk Siddens, UGA def. Stu Nelson, PGA