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Borget Edges Barker to Advance in UGA Senior Match Play

A new champion will be crowned in the UGA Senior Match Play championship after Steve Borget knocked defending champion Todd Barker out of contention with a 1-up victory in their second round match.
Others advancing with two victories on Wednesday were Mike Hacker, Bill Probst, Steve Poulson, Rick Lloyd, Jeff Powars, Richard Dibblee, and Vern Erickson.
The Super Senior Division played only one round with defending champion Dick Peacock easily advancing with a 7 and 5 win over Bob Motzkus. Others advancing were John Degarimore, Heber Jacobsen, Brent Tidwell, Rich Gibbons, Robert Wood, Dave Hansen, and Sterling Larsen.
UGA Senior Match Play Championship
First Round Match Results
Senior Division
Todd Barker def. Karl Avant, 4 and 3
Steve Borget def. Pat Murphy, 5 and 3
Scott Blair def. Mark Gressman, 3 and 2
Mike Hacker def. Jim Kane, 19 holes
Bill Probst def. Jeff Goettsche, 4 and 2
Gary Witzel def. Dave Dorton, 1-up
Steve Poulson def. Dan Parkinson, 6 and 4
David Fischer def. Rick Groendyke, 3 and 2
Rick Lloyd def. Doug Horne, 5 and 4
Al Simkins def. Kurt Bosen, 19 holes
Brent Marriott def. Ben Maddox, 2 and 1
Jeff Powars def. Greg Stimpson, 2 and 1
Richard Dibblee def. Rob Bachman, 2 and 1
Kurt Bernhisel def. Bob Feilner, 3 and 1
Vern Erickson def. Scott Fairbanks, 2 and 1
Craig Gardner def. Keith Olson, 7 and 6
Second Round Matches
Borget def. Barker, 1-up
Hacker def. Blair, 3 and 2
Probst def. Witzel, 3 and 2
Poulson def. Fischer, 8 and 7
Lloyd def. Simkins 4 and 3
Powers def. Marriott, 4 and 3
Dibblee def. Bernhisel, 3 and 2
Erickson def. Gardner, 1-up
Thursday’s Schedule
7:30- Borget vs. Hacker
7:37- Poulson vs. Probst
7:44- Lloyd vs. Powars
7:51- Dibblee vs. Erickson
Super Senior Division
First Round Results
Dick Peacock def. Bob Motzkus, 7 and 5
John Degarimore def. Ken Webb, WD
Heber Jacobsen def. Jim Jensen, 1-up
Brent Tidwell def. John Pappas, 5 and 4
Rich Gibbons def. Arlen Peacock 2 and 1
Robert Wood def. John Taylor, 1-up
Dave Hansen def. Larry Reid, 20 holes
Sterling Larsen def. Greg Fraser, 2 and 1
Thursday’s Schedule
7:58- Peacock vs. Degarimore
8:05- Jacobsen vs. Tidwell
8:12- Gibbons vs. Wood
8:19- Hansen vs. Larsen
Net Division
First Round Results
Rodney Engle def. David Smith, 19 holes
Ron Clark def. Evert Lawson, 5 and 4
Gus Stirbakos def. Dan Riddle, 2 and 1
Paul Auxier def. Randy Darrohn, 19 holes
Scott Burt def. Michael Romero, 5 and 4
Eric Walisky def. Gordon Ostler, 5 and 4
Val Cahoon def. Lee Garner, 3 and 2
Al Krahenbuhl def. Dale Richards, 4 and 2
Thursday’s Schedule
8:26- Engle vs. Clark
8:33- Stribakos vs. Auxier
8:40- Burt vs. Walisky
8:47- Cahoon vs. Krahenbuhl