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Stone, Horner Share Rose Park Open Title

Davis Park professional Pete Stone and amateur Dan Horner won the Rose Park Open with five under scores of 65 this past weekend. A playoff was not held and so they are co-champions.
Luke Swilor shot a 66 and there were three bunched at 67, Zach Johnson, Todd Tanner, and Mark Owen.
The professional senior division ended in a three-way tie between Henry White, Jimmy Blair, and Jeff Green.
Rose Park Open Results
Professional Results
65- Pete Stone
66- Luke Swilor
67- Zach Johnson, Mark Owen, Todd Tanner
68- Dustin Volk, Barry Schenk
69- Troy Watkins
70- Matt Baird
71- Ryan Colemere, Jed Hilton, Rick Roberts, Steve Schneiter
72- Brad Stone, Ryan Rhees, Kean Ridd, Shawn Edwards
Senior Professionals
69- Henry White, Jimmy Blair, Jeff Green
70- Kim Thompson
71- Dave DeSantis
72- Quentin Sasser, Craig Sarlo
Amateur Results
Championship Flight
65- Dan Horner
67- Kirk Siddens, Jonathon Thomas
68- Andrew Barton, Austin Banz, Cameron Young, Stu Gold, Nic Booth
69- Dave Fox, Nick Smart, Devon Purser, Troy Jones
70- Collin Wilkinson, Dan Feldman, Colton Dallimore, Brennon Richardson
71- Brennan Coburn, Jacob Holt, Jeremy Tye
72- Casey Halliday, Daniel Reid, Neal Courtney, Jarren Young
First Flight
71- Troy Parsons
72- Lester Perry
73- Kellen Perry, Bob Paulson
74- Rick Luke, Matt Robb
75- Andy Baldwin. Doug Walters, Jason Bracken
76-Creed Stobbe, Christian Earl, Raj Balasubramonian, Mitchell Creer, Dave Morris, Clint Wagner, Kurrin Bickmore, Daniel Johnson