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Looking for Good Sign for Women’s Golf? This Is It!

Looking for a healthy sign for women’s golf in Utah? This is it!
Three women’s college teams from Utah competed in the Red Rocks Invitational at Oak Creek Country Club in Sedona, Arizona this past weekend and all three finished within one shot of each other. Southern Utah University and Utah Valley University tied for the Utah honors with team scores of 664 and Weber State was just one shot back at 665. It shows a parity for the three schools that should create a competitive rivalry which in turn should push all the players to gradually improve.
Sadie Palmer of Southern Utah University had the best score of all the Utah players as she shot 77-81-158. Celestie Gish of Utah Valley and Amanda Snyder of Weber State were just three shots back with 161s. Gish shot 84-77 and Snyder shot 80-81.
This is all good news for women’s golf in Utah. Almost all of the women shot better than bogey golf and given their previous lack of competitive opportunity this is very good.
Although the three Utah teams finished in tenth place they were within ten shots of all but three teams in the tournament.
The coaches of the three teams, Jeff Smith at Weber State, Richard Church at Southern Utah, and Sue Nyhus at Utah Valley are all upgrading their programs and pushing for improvement of all their players.
BYU and Westminster also have women’s golf programs, but did not compete in this tournament. BYU is coached by Carrie Roberts and Westminster is coached by Chris Hendricksen. Utah and Utah State do not have women’s programs.
Scores at Sedona were as follows:
Top Ten Utah Women158- Sadie Palmer, SUU, 77-81161- Celeste Gish, UVU, 84-77161- Amanda Snyder, Weber, 80-81164- Abbie Archibald, UVU, 80-84166- Sara Fredrico, Weber, 82-84167- Brittany Edwards, SUU, 82-85167- Morgan Kerber, SUU, 82-85168- Jordyn Dougal, UVU, 80-84168- Jordan Ulibarri, Weber, 82-86170- Kaohi Loo, SUU, 84-86
Southern Utah, 331-333-664158- Sadie Palmer, 77-81167- Brittany Edwards, 82-85167- Morgan Kerber, 82-85170- Kaohi Loo, 84-86173- Jamie Cokling, 92-81174- Kacy Buckner, 88-86181- Rose Pelletier, 93-88
Utah Valley, 336-328-664161- Celeste Gish, 84-77164- Abbie Archibald, 80-84168- Jordyn Dougal, 84-84171- Beverly Pike, 88-83177- Monica Fox, 88-89177- Stephanie Fox, 89-88181- Morgan Workman, 93-88198- Clarissa Reid, 98-100
Weber State, 333-332-665161- Amanda Snyder, 80-81166- Sara Fredrico, 82-84168- Jordan Ulibarri, 82-86172- Kelsey Adams, 91-81178- Nyomy Obcemea, 82-89182- Lauren Ballenger, 89-93