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BYU Hawaii Leads BYU Provo After First Round of John Burns Invitational in Hawaii

California and Texas A&M share the first round lead of the John Burns Invitational being played in Hawaii. BYU is in seventh place, 10 shots out of the lead, and the University of Utah is near the bottom, trailing BYU by 15.
The incentive for BYU during the second and third rounds is the fact that BYU Hawaii finished the first day one stroke ahead of BYU Provo. That isn’t going to sit to well with the Cougar players and will probably light a fire under them. We shall see!

The first round results are listed below. Some players did not conclude first round play and those players are listed with their score in relationship to par. Those who finished have an actual score posted.
First Round Standings
283- California, Texas A&M
289- SMU
290- Nevada
292- BYU Hawaii
+5- Arizona
293- BYU, Virginia, Denver +5
+7- Fresno State
+8- New Mexico
+10- Hawaii Pacific
299- Hawaii
307- UTEP
+21- Utah
314- Hawaii
315- Hawaii-Hilo
BYU Hawaii Scores
-3- Aaron Puzey
E- John Scolari
+3- Skyler Scone
+4- Inoka Kahawaii
+5- Doug Bischoff
BYU Scores
-1- Cameron Edens
E- Cole Ogden
+3- Esteban Calisto
+4- Zac Blair
+5- Daniel Reid
Utah Scores
+3- Jeff Kitches
+4- Chase Hite
+6- Ben Bankhead
+8- Mike Branca
+8- Derek Adams