UGA Competition Score Evaluation Policy


The UGA’s Competition Score Evaluation Policy is designed to review and adjust the handicap of players who perform significantly better in competitive golf events than what is represented by their handicap. The goal is to have player’s handicap represent the potential he or she demonstrates in competitive rounds.


The UGA will only consider performing a Competition Score Evaluation (CSE) if it has received a request from a Head Golf Professional, Director of Golf, General Manager or chairperson of the handicap committee at a UGA member club or is initiated by UGA staff. The UGA will not take requests from golfers or other sources. A CSE can be requested by phone or email to the UGA Executive Director. Once a request has been made by an appropriate party, the UGA will, except for in the case of exceptional circumstances, review that individual and apply any modifications deemed necessary.


The UGA Handicap Committee will be notified a CSE has been requested and will be presented with information compiled by UGA staff. Committee members will be given time to review the evaluation and decide whether to apply the formula. If the player’s handicap index was reduced, the UGA will make reasonable efforts to notify the player by email and U.S. Mail of the modification to their handicap index.

Formula For Reduction:

The UGA will calculate a Potential for Competitive Scoring (PCS) in the following manner: The UGA will compile a list of the player’s last 12 months of competitive scores. This list will not include any player posted competitive scores. From this list of competitive scores, the UGA will take the average of a certain number of those scores to represent the players PCS. If the player’s PCS is significantly lower than his or her handicap index, the player may be modified to their PCS number by an adjustment to the players previous 20 differentials. In addition, the UGA handicap committee may also reduce the player’s Low Handicap Index.


For any player whose handicap index has been modified, the player may appeal the modification to the UGA Handicap Committee by submitting that appeal in writing to the UGA Executive Director. If a modification takes place, the UGA will revisit the player’s reduction again after six months.