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UGA Members at Transplant Games of America


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Saratoga Springs, UT – For many, a transplant represents an opportunity to help provide or receive a second chance in life. No matter where you stand or what connection you have to the process, it can be life changing. And so it has been for those who have participated in the 2018 Transplant Games of America, especially for our fellow Utah Golf Association members.

Glen Kittle, a Transplant Game volunteer said, “Their outlook on life is so much different than the average person because they are here because somebody donated something to them so they can live on.”

Mike Hatch, a local boy, was one of the few UGA members who played in the Transplant Games at Meadowbrook Golf Course. Having had both lungs switched out – one in 2014 and the other in 2015 – Hatch has learned to lean on golf as a support in his trial of being a transplant recipient.

Hatch’s wife, Electa, said Mike Hatch attributes his obsession to golf as the perfect therapy. When asked by doctors as to how he’s progressed so quickly, he references his golf game as the solution.

Electa Hatch said, “To him, breathing is everything.”

Mike Hatch, along with the few other UGA members that participated in the singles and doubles matches on Sunday and Monday, were ecstatic about the opportunity they were given to help celebrate the great triumph they have had in their lives.

The games were created to celebrate and make people aware of the power of donating. Garrett Snyder, the event coordinator, said prior to his involvement with the games, he made sure he was listed as a donor.

The two-day event had a wide array of ages, anywhere from 12 to 79. The field, though primarily dominated by males, was about 25 percent female. There were teams from all over the country (i.e. Maryland, South Carolina and Texas).

We are grateful for those UGA members who have donated or are on the receiving end. Without them, the UGA wouldn’t be quite as special.

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