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UGA Intern Ashton Casper Hired by Texas Golf Association as Tournament Director

Ashton Casper’s one year internship at the Utah Golf Association has paid big dividends to the UGA and to Ashton Casper and the next beneficiary of his services will be the Texas Golf Association.
Casper has been hired by the 150,000 member Texas Golf Association as its Tournament Director and will begin work there at the beginning of the new year. The Texas Golf Association is located in Dallas.
“I’ve always respected the Utah Golf Association, but having the opportunity to work on the staff for a year was an eye-opener for me. I got to see first-hand how much work it takes behind the scenes to make golf activities happen and I even have greater respect for the UGA now,” he said.
“The internship was particularly timely for me as I got to help coordinate all the volunteer activities for the first USGA national championship ever held in Utah. That incredible experience gave me the opportunity to meet some of the top level administrators at the USGA,” he said.
Bill Walker, Executive Director of the UGA, said, “Ashton did a great job for us and he has quickly advanced because of his excellent performance. He is well prepared and it is a good opportunity for him to join with the Texas Golf Association.”
Walker came to Utah via Houston and so turnabout is fair play.
Casper’s internship at the USGA was provided by the United States Golf Association under its nationwide Boatwright Internship program. The USGA provides interns to golf associations throughout the country under that program.
Casper, the son of Bobby Casper and the grandson of Utah Golf Hall of Famer Billy Casper, graduated from Springville High School in 2002, and served an LDS Mission in Belo Horizonte East Mission, and graduated from Utah Valley University in 2010. He played on the golf teams at both schools. He graduated with a degree in business administration with an emphasis on international business.
He is married to Lacey Rynearson of St. George, and they have one son, Linkon, who is not quite two years old.