Women’s Player Performance Rankings

The UGA player performance rankings are a cumulative system of ranking amateur golfers in Utah. The WPPR rankings are used in determining the UGA Women’s Player of the Year and filling spots on UGA traveling teams.

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How does it work?

The WPPR rankings works on a rotating calendar basis. Example: When the points are awarded for the Women’s State Amateur are awarded, the points from the previous year’s Women’s State Amateur will fall off. Only a players top 4 point earning events will count towards their overall points total.

UGA Women’s Player of the Year

The player performance rankings will determine the UGA Women’s Player of the Year. The final counting event for the 2019 Women’s Player of the Year award is the U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship. A player must participate in at least two UGA championships or UGA conducted USGA qualifiers to be eligible to earn Women’s Player of the Year honors.

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WPPR Rankings

As of the Glen Eagle Invite

Kelsey Chugg

Rank Player Points
1st Chugg, Kelsey
2nd Blair, Tess 180.00
3rd Dehlin, Carly 143.00
4th Valcarce, Karen 122.00
5th Sloot, Jessica 115.00
6th Fotu, Kerstin 104.50
7th Gaiotti, Annette 101.30
Yang, Annie 84.00
9th Motes, Xena 79.30
10th Kennedy, Anna 69.50

Other PPR Policies:

  1. If an event changes dates significantly, it will fall off 1 year after the conclusion of the event.
  2. Starting in 2019, there will be no bonus point categories. Each event that a player earns points for will be counted towards their best 4 events. Bonus points from 2018 will remain until they are scheduled to drop off.
  3. The UGA will not award points until the club fulfills its responsibilities of a sanctioned PPR event. If a facility fails to fulfill its responsibilities the UGA reserves the right to revoke PPR status.