Captain’s Cup

Utah’s top seniors duke it out in a Ryder Cup style event each fall.

Venue: TBD

Date: TBD

What is the Captain’s Cup?

These matches feature the best senior and super-seniors in the state of Utah squaring off in a Ryder Cup style match.

UGA Selection Process

Teams will be chosen (playground draft style) by the top two seniors who have been chosen as team captains. The selection process will emphasis current UGA Champions and PPR rankings. Eligibility criteria is listed below.

The UGA will only select players with the unquestioned ability to appropriately represent the UGA with character, sportsmanship, and integrity. Primary consideration for selection will be UGA Champions and player performance rankings. The UGA Competitions Committee has the right to exclude any player should they not meet the standards of conduct found in Rule 1.2 of the Rules of Golf or should the UGA competitions committee find they are deficient in character, sportsmanship or integrity.


  • 12 Senior Players will be Selected on August 1


  • 4 Super-Senior Players will be Selected on August 1