The Nominating Committee of the Utah Golf Association is accepting applications for a position on the UGA Board of Directors. The application form must be completed no later than July 1st. The Nominating Committee may also provide candidates for director. The director(s)shall be selected from the nominated candidates by the vote of the UGA Board of Directors. Newly elected directors shall serve a three (3) year term commencing at the beginning of the next fiscal year (Nov 1). Under no circumstances will a director be eligible to serve more than three full terms (9 years) without a one-year absence from the board. Nominees should possess a strong passion for the game of golf and each director is expected to provide leadership and fulfill their obligations of service through active participation in Board affairs including Board and Committee meetings and special events in coordination with staff and other volunteers. Thank you for your continued support of the UGA. For additional information, contact Shannon Brennan, Chairperson, Nominating Committee, UGA

UGA Board of Directors Application

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