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Utah Golf Association, Primo Golf Announce New Partnership Agreement

Easton Folster, the executive director of the Utah Golf Association (UGA), announced today a new sponsorship agreement with Primo Golf Apparel (Primo), a Utah-born company based in Lehi.

Folster said, “We are incredibly excited to announce this groundbreaking partnership with Primo. To align the preeminent amateur golf organization in the state with a Utah based golf apparel line was an easy decision for the UGA. It is incredibly rare to be at a golf course and not see golfers wearing Primo.”

Primo specializes in golf attire for the athletic golfer. Founded in June 2020 by four cousins who grew up playing golf together, the company started with a signature line of golf joggers, then expanded into polo shirts, hoodies, and quarter-zip tops. Its goal has been to bridge the gap between comfort and style.

In May, Primo, which means “cousin” in Spanish, launched a line of women’s golf apparel, the result of a year of interviewing and collaborating with women golfers. The company sells its products primarily through e-commerce channels; it also has national retail partnerships with Scheels and Al’s Sporting Goods.

Primo’s Matty Gay said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Utah Golf Association and show our support to Utah golf. We are proud to have Primo based in Utah and it only made sense for us to work alongside our wonderful state’s golf association. When we started in 2020, we realized that our brand would benefit from aligning ourselves with competitive golfers. The UGA aligns perfectly with that goal and we are excited to be involved in all of the championships they host. We believe that Utah will continue to develop talent that can compete at the highest level and we’re excited to play a small role in that.”

The agreement calls for Primo to have prominent logo presence at UGA championships including the historic Utah State Amateur and Utah Women’s State Amateur. The pioneering agreement marks Primo as the presenting sponsor of the UGA’s Player Performance Rankings and Player of the Year Awards. In addition, Primo will be the official apparel provider of the UGA and its traveling teams.

Today’s announcement builds upon the significant growth of amateur golf in Utah where many golf courses have seen a remarkable increase in rounds played year-over-year since 2020. The UGA has benefitted from the increase in play, growing its membership to an all-time high of nearly 40,000 golfers.

Folster said, “I am confident that both entities will benefit greatly from this partnership as we aim to elevate golf throughout the state.”


Check out what has been happening in Utah Golf.

Score posting season will be inactive in Northern Utah until March 15th, 2024.

If we can still play, why do we stop posting in the winter?

Course and slope rating represent the difficulty of a course played under normal or mid-season playing conditions. The unpredictability of off-season conditions – a lack of foliage, lessened green speeds, reduced bounce and roll – can greatly affect a course’s difficulty. The course conditions during winter months are inconsistent with the way a course was rated; posting these scores could affect a player’s index.

A handicap index is defined as “potential scoring ability on a course of standard playing difficulty.” Consider a player on a course that, during the winter, was extraordinarily easy because the tees were moved up and there was no rough. Such a course would no longer reflect conditions under which it was rated, so accepting even a few scores could change a player’s index. The converse holds true for those facing quite difficult conditions, such as wet fairways or strong winter winds.

That’s why many associations in areas where winter can be harsh set an inactive season, which often lasts from November to the middle of March. To provide consistency in posting of scores across a state or region, all clubs within the association’s jurisdiction, whether member clubs of the association or not, must follow the inactive season.

Can I post rounds I’ve played anywhere else?

If you travel to St. George area, you may continue posting scores through the winter. If you travel out of the state to play, please check with a golf course staff member to see if you can post scores from rounds played at their course.

More resources and information can be found online at, or by calling the UGA Office at 801-563-0400.