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Chase Hansen chosen by UGA for Director, Marketing & Membership

Easton Folster, the recently hired executive director of the Utah Golf Association, announced that he, with the support of the UGA Board of Directors, has hired Chase Hansen to fill the role of Director, Marketing & Membership.

Hansen, an assistant at the Eagle Mountain Golf Course and a Utah PGA Apprentice, will fill the office left vacant with William Michetti’s departure earlier this year.

“I am very excited about what Chase will bring to the Utah Golf Association,” Folster said.  “His background in marketing along with his experience in the golf industry makes him an ideal fit for this role. Being a member of the Utah Section PGA will provide a unique angle and approach to our membership and marketing efforts that we have not had prior.  He understands the golf industry at a profound level, and I am excited to have him head our Marketing & Membership department.  He is going to do great things for the UGA membership.”

Moving from golf course operations to golf administration has always been “very intriguing to me,” Hansen said. “One thing that is important to me, is to strive to grow the game of golf for everyone in Utah.”

Hansen plans to complete his work with the PGA of America to become a Class A Professional within the next year.

“I really enjoy working as a golf professional on the green grass side but my favorite part of being a golf professional is the business and administration portion of golf,” said Hansen. “Though this position may be very different than what many golf course professionals do day to day, I believe that many of the goals and challenges are similar … I hope to continue to elevate golf in many different areas in Utah.”

Hansen will join the staff of the UGA in January.