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UGA Welcomes New Board Member Tina Mathieu

By Randy Dodson – A HER Fairways Story

Newly elected UGA Board member Tina Mathieu is looking forward to serving on the board and working as a volunteer. She is very involved in charity events and fund raising. She knows the UGA does so much more than handicapping and running tournaments and she can’t wait to get to work.

Her husband, Mike, is her mentor and best friend. He is an awesome golfer and has helped her improve her game by practicing the fundamentals at the driving range. She wishes she could have played with his dad, Henry. He would have loved hearing his golf stores.

Tina is a member of The Barn Ladies Association and claims the greatest thing she has done in golf was to join the ladies league.

Tina Mathieu is married with three children and two grandchildren. She has been in the 911 field for almost 30 years. She loves her job and the amazing people she works with.