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Plentiful Changes at the UGA in 2020

November 1st marks a new season for the Utah Golf Association, and with it comes multiple changes that will affect our members.  Below are the 5 things you need to know heading into the 2020 golf season!


  1. The World Handicap System – If you have been plugged into the golf world over the past 12 months you have likely heard that there will be a new handicap system taking effect in January of 2020. Golf already has a single set of playing Rules, a single set of equipment Rules and a single set of Rules of Amateur Status overseen by the USGA and The R&A. Over the course of the past few years, the six major handicap systems around the world have been collaborating to create a single set of Rules for handicapping.  Beginning in January, their work will be on full display with the rollout of a unified handicap system where everyone around the globe will be working within the same parameters when posting scores. The new World Handicap System is making the game more inclusive and enjoyable for all.  If you are interested in learning more visit, or follow the Utah Golf Association on social media for short videos and other resources.
  2. New GHIN – In addition to the new World Handicap System, the software that calculates handicaps is also being updated. Starting on January 6th the GHIN Mobile app, and the on-course kiosk will all have a fresh new look and some upgraded functionality like stat tracking.  With almost the entire country’s worth of golfers moving from the old to the new GHIN, there will be a few days of downtime while the cutover is taking place.  GHIN products will be down from January 1-5 which means you will not be able to access your handicap during that time.  We are excited for the new products both internally and the golfer products!
  3. 365 Day Memberships – The UGA has moved to 365-day memberships to provide members the maximum value for their memberships. The UGA has invested in a system that allows us to provide the 365-day membership versus running a calendar year giving you the most bang for your buck! We have also worked very hard to make the membership renewal process as quick and easy as possible with our efficient online Join/Renew abilities.  Don’t want to spend the time renewing each year? Sign up for auto-renew and forget about it!
  4. Adult Membership Price Change – The UGA is excited about all of the changes and improvements that have happened and the ones still to come. We are involved in more golf programs around the state than ever before and want to continue to serve the game, our clubs and golfers to the highest standard.  In order to accomplish that goal, the adult membership fee will go from $34 to $36 starting on November 1, 2019.
  5. Junior Membership Price Change – The UGA is incredibly proud of the work of the Utah Golf Foundation and their efforts with the Youth on Course program. Over the past 2 years, Utah kids have played over 50,000 Youth on Course rounds and the UGF has subsidized over $250,000 in course reimbursements. That is a lot of golf!! The massive success of the program requires additional fundraising; to aid those fundraising efforts, the junior membership fee is moving from $10 to $20 with the entire $10 increase going to support the Youth on Course program.  We are looking to ensure the program’s longevity and keep kids playing $5 golf for many years to come!


Thank you for your support of the Utah Golf Association!