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Brimley & Jennings, Siddens & Avant, Parkinson & Peacock Win Utah Four-Ball Championships

By Jesse Dodson


When two golfers ranked within the top five of the Utah Golf Association’s Men’s Player Performance Rankings (PPR) team up to play in the Utah Four-Ball Championship at Ogden Country Club, they’re going to be hard to beat.

Ryan Brimley and David Jennings got off to a quick start in round one on September 16th, firing a (-9) 63 in the stroke play, Four-Ball format, creating a five-stroke lead over Corey Matthews & Denny Job and past State Am winners Darrin Overson & Dan Horner.

“We just tried to shoot the lowest score for the day and just beat the guys in our group,” Jennings said of their strategy going into the final round with a five-stroke lead.

“We didn’t discuss much before but I didn’t think much needed to be said,” Brimley added. “Dave and I have different but similar games so it’s nice to feed off each other… I would say the strategy was just to make as many birdies as possible… With a larger lead it’s different, but you just have to go out and be aggressive like we usually are.”

The Brimley and Jennings duo had teamed up once before the Four-Ball Championship, in a failed attempt at a USGA qualifier. It didn’t seem to have any impact on their second go around with 16-total birdies between the two days at Ogden CC.

“Would’ve been fun to have it be match play,” Brimley said, “but stroke play is fun cause you have to put two good scores together.”

Brimley and Jennings gave themselves enough of a cushion to afford a few bogies coming down the stretch in the final round. They won the championship at 13-under with a two-stroke lead over Matthews & Job and Overson & Horner.

“This is my second UGA Four-Ball win, so that was good,” Jennings said. “It was good to finally get a win this year. I have been runner up too many times this year to count.”

This win places Jennings in third place on the season-long UGA PPR list with only two events left on the PPR schedule.

“I will first say, all wins feel good,” Brimley said, now fifth on the PPR list. “It’s definitely different from the other UGA championships with it being a team match, but it’s nice to have as good of a partner as Dave when you do something silly. We felt a little down on ourselves with how we played the back and let the field back into it but a win is a win and that’s the goal every time.”

Kirk Siddens and Karl Avant won the Senior Division with a pair of 66’s at 12-under, two strokes better than runner-up finishers Ron Davis and Randy Hicken.

In the Super Senior Division, Dan Parkinson and Craig Peacock etched out a one-stroke victory over Michael Hacker and Rob Bachman with scores of (-5) 69-70.

With their wins, Brimley, Jennings, Siddens and Avant get an automatic spot on the Southwest Team Challenge team. The two winnings teams combine to make one of the UGA’s three teams in the event.

In addition to that, Brimley and Jennings plan on playing together again in November in the USGA Four-Ball Qualifier at Entrada Country Club.

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