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Zoe Dean – 1A Medalist

By Jesse Dodson


Winning the 1A Girls Golf High School State Championship at Cove View Golf Course came with a mixed-bag of emotions for Rich High School sophomore Zoe Dean. Of course there was excitement and fulfillment, however, in order to achieve the title she first had to compete in a playoff with teammate Mckina Stacey.


“Winning an individual title was so exciting for me,” Zoe explained. “I went into the tournament thinking to just get within the top-five, like I did last year, but ended up coming in first, I was thrilled.


“I did have to play in a playoff with my teammate Mckina Stacey, that was very hard for me because she is my teammate and she has always been the girl on my team to push me to do better, but in the end, we were both very happy for each other.”


Rich High School won the team title with the help of four girls placing in the top-10.


“I’ve been playing golf since I was very little so I’ve always had a love for the sport,” Zoe said. “I like playing golf because I just like being outside on the course. I don’t have any college golf plans, but to join a college golf team has always been a dream of mine.”


Zoe plans to compete this summer in the Utah Section PGA Junior Series. “I enjoy playing in those tournaments because I get to play with girls who are at a higher skill level than me so I get to learn a lot from those girls.”


Get to know Zoe:


Driver or Putter?

I would rather use my driver… I’m much better at driving


Walk or Ride?

I would also much rather ride in a cart because walking just tires you out!


Favorite band/singer?

My favorite singer is Ariana Grande because she just has a great voice.


Wood or Plastic tee?

Plastic tees because they last longer.


Pizza or Pasta?

Definitely pasta. Pizza is just eaten too much.


Bump and run or flop shot?

Bump and run because you can get more distance with it.