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Tyra Eyre – 2A Medalist

By Jesse Dodson


The Beaver High School Girls Golf team took total control of the 2A Girls High School State Championship at Cove View Golf Course on May 14th by winning the first-ever girls golf State Championship for Beaver and leading the pack was junior Tyra Eyre winning Medalist.


“It feels super amazing and fulfilling,” Tyra said about winning, “but I guess one of the most overwhelming feelings I have is the gratitude for my grandparents who are the coaches and everyone who has supported me and helped me get to where I am today.”


“Our team is extremely proud of Tyra for being our first 2A State Medalist,” Coach Marilee Eyre said. “Tyra sets a fine example for her teammates, and she is always positive and encourages the other girls. Tyra has practiced hard and focused on improving her mental game.


“Tyra has had a big influence on our team by recruiting younger players and helping them learn to love the game,” Coach Eyre continued. “Most girls on our team had never played golf before coming out for high school golf. We find golf clubs for them and begin by teaching them the basics. Tyra takes the time to help our beginning golfers and lets them know that golf is not easy, but it is rewarding and exciting.”


“I like the independent part of golf, I’m on a large team but I can only help my team by playing my best individually,” Tyra said. “But I also love the social aspects like meeting new people, making new friends and building the team up all together.


Tyra’s plans for the summer is to “basically live at the course.” She has a strong passion for the game and bringing new friends to the game. She would love to continue playing golf after high school in college, and if you know Tyra, who lowered her stroke average by 10 strokes from her sophomore year to her junior year, you wouldn’t be a bit surprised when she achieves that goal.


Get to know Tyra:


Fade or draw?

Fade, I like to curve ‘em


Mallet or blade putter?



Movies or music?



Dream Foursome?

Me, Tiger Woods, my Grandpa and my Grandma


Hamburgers or hotdogs?

Hot dogs


Ice cream or cookies?

Ice cream on the cookies!