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Strong play from top to bottom helps The Barn GC reclaim the title


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Millcreek – It was a showdown on Oct. 2nd at Davis Park Golf Course as the gents from The Barn Golf Course walked away as repeat Public At-Large Team Play Champions.

Facing The Buck Club, a team known for having a deep roster, The Barn GC knew it not only had to weather the physical elements but also its opponents. Playing solid golf from top to bottom, The Barn GC pulled away in the end with a 23.5-12.5 victory.

In match No. 1, The Buck Club managed to take the only lead it would have for the entire match. Behind the strong play of professional Justin Keiley, Randy Griffin and his partner made a statement early against Kory Woodland and Nate Herzog that they were there to play and compete for that title – winning by a score of 6-3.

The Herzog brothers, Tyler and Alex, answered right back by winning nearly all nine points possible against the Hargett brothers, Jason and Brandon, in the second match. Succumbing only a half-point to Jason Hargett, the brotherly duo from The Barn GC showed no mercy as they won their match by a landslide, 8.5-0.5.

Braydon Swapp and Keaton Woodland had a little closer match with Rich Tripp and Ben Jorgensen as the No. 5s and 6s went head-to-head in Fruit Heights. Despite giving away a point in each of the individual matches to The Buck Club, Keaton Woodland and Swapp capitalized on the Four-Ball potion – taking the “W” with a 6.5-2.5 finish.

Winning only its second individual match of the finals – the first since Keiley won his match against Kory Woodland – Denny Job did all he could as he claimed two and a half points and the victory over Kurt Moore. Mason Murphy stole the other point from Tom Bashford, but the duo still fell short as Moore and Bashford won, 5.5-3.5.


The Buck Club                                                   The Barn GC

(1) Justin Keiley                 3                              (1) Kory Woodland            0

(2) Randy Griffin                0                              (2) Nate Herzog                 3

                Four-Ball            3                                              Four-Ball            0

(3) Jason Hargett               0.5                          (3) Tyler Herzog                 2.5

(4) Brandon Hargett           0                              (4) Alex Herzog                 3

                Four-Ball            0                                              Four-Ball            3

(5) Rich Tripp                     1                              (5) Braydon Swapp            2

(6) Ben Jorgensen             0.5                          (6) Keaton Woodland         2.5

                Four-Ball            1                                              Four-Ball            2

(7) Denny Job                    2.5                          (7) Kurt Moore                    0.5

(8) Mason Murphy             1                              (8) Tom Bashford               2

                Four-Ball            0                                              Four-Ball            3


Total:                                    12.5                                                                        23.5


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