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Ogden G&CC Repeats as 8-man At Large Winner

(Photo Courtesy of Shauna Newren)


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Millcreek, UT – Ogden Golf & Country Club did it again Tuesday afternoon as they became the 2018 Private Club At Large 8-Man Team winners over Alpine Country Club, 19.5-16.5.

With play being at Riverside Country Club – providing a neutral location for the two squads – the championship match proved to be a good one all the way to the end. Though off to a slow start with only a half-point coming from the first twosome, Ogden G&CC shined the brightest as their second and third twosome’s put a stomping on the middle of Alpine CC’s lineup.

Nick Despain and Josh Roberts got the ball rolling for Ogden as they earned seven total team points in the second match of the day. Taking on the likes of Stew Rutter and Mike Davis from Alpine, the duo from Weber County closed in on the lead quickly.

The real stars, however, for Ogden G&CC came from the third twosome, which was comprised of the fifth and sixth seed golfers: Justin Stuart and Nate Messerly. Having a clean sweep of Randy Danjanovich and Paul Edmonds, Stuart and Messerly helped their teammates by adding nine valuable points to the scoreboard – giving Ogden their first lead of the match.

Needing only two points to clinch the victory, the fourth group for the defending champions did enough to do just that. Jordan Curtis and Carter Randal, the seventh and eighth golfers in the rotation, walked away with three points over Randy Hadfield and Dave Platt to finish off the match and championship.


Final Results-


Ogden G&CC                                               Alpine CC


(1) Bob Wallis                     0.5                          (1) Brock Padilla                2.5

(2) Ned Wallis                     0                             (2) Carl Jensen                  3

Four-Ball             0                                              Four-Ball           3

(3) Nick Despain                 2                             (3) Stew Rutter                 1

(4) Josh Roberts                 2.5                          (4) Mike Davis                   0.5

Four-Ball             2.5                                           Four Ball           0.5

(5) Justin Stuart                  3                              (5) Randy Danjanovich     0

(6) Nate Messerly               3                              (6) Paul Edmonds             0

Four-Ball             3                                              Four-Ball           0

(7) Jordan Curtis                1.5                            (7) Randy Hadfield           1.5

(8) Carter Randal               1                               (8) Dave Platt                    2

Four-Ball             0.5                                          Four-Ball             2.5