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Bonneville Women Rely on Team Play for Recent Victories

(Photo courtesy of Jacob Miller)

Updated 10/03/18 at 10:25 a.m.


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern



Millcreek, UT – It was the ladies from Bonneville Golf Course that captured the 2018 Utah Women’s Championship Wednesday on the Canyon side of Mountain Dell Golf Course.

It was a total team effort for the Bonneville women as they put together an impressive showing by accumulating 320 points in the championship’s stableford format. Bonneville’s team (UGA division) beat the likes of Carbon Country Club (central division), Jeremy Ranch Golf & Country Club (private division) and Schneiters Riverside (north division) – each a finalist from a different area within the state.

With an impressive victory, Team Bonneville had two of the top three point-getters in the four-team tournament: Sherri Cropper and Sandy Beveridge. Cropper finished with 51 points and Beveridge was close behind with 46.

Being a total team effort, the ladies from the east bench of the Salt Lake Valley combined for a total of 33 net birdies and seven net eagles – a formula for success and victory.


Total Team Points:

Sherri Cropper            51 points

Sandy Beveridge         46 points

Pat Smith                     41 points

Maria Newton             39 points

Connie Dean               39 points

Joanne Kim                 38 points

Cheryll Lawson            33 points

Vicki Rodman              33 points


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Millcreek, UT – Glenmoor Golf Course saw the women from Bonneville triumph in the Team Play Championship over the women from Riverbend Golf Course, 20.5-15.5.

The first match of the day between the teams’ top competitors proved to be a dogfight until the very end. Though losing 4-5, Sandy Beveridge and Joanne Kim kept the score close for Bonneville despite taking the “L.”

Connie Dean and Patricia Smith managed to grab two points in their hard fought match with Riverbend's Peggy Rueckert and Kathryn Dunn. By avoiding the sweep, the duo helped keep the match with an arm's distance as they trailed Riverbend GC 12-5 with two groups remaining. 

Turning the momentum of the championship around was the pairing of Vickie Rodman and Sherri Cropper. By winning their match quite handily, Cropper and Rodman climbed within two points of Riverbend by scoring seven points of their own.

With everything riding on the results of the final group, Bonneville pulled in the reigns on Riverbend as Pat Eisenman and Alexis Butler won 7.5-1.5 – staging an impressive come behind win, 20.5-15.5. 

Though not a perfect season – having suffered a couple losses en route to their playoff run – Bonneville GC came locked and loaded for any fight coming their way. They knew what was needed to win and did just that.


Team Play Results

Riverbend GC                                         Bonneville GC

(1) Donna Page                 0              (1) Sandy Beveridge        3

(2) Diane Booth                 3              (2) Joanne Kim                 0

                Four-Ball            2                             Four-Ball           1

(3) Peggy Rueckert           3              (3) Patricia Smith              0

(4) Kathryn Dunn               1              (4) Connie Dean               2

                Four-Ball            3                             Four-Ball            0

(5) Terry Wiseman             2              (5) Vicki Rodman               1

(6) Becky Donald               0              (6) Sherri Cropper             3

                Four-Ball            0                             Four-Ball             3

(7) Lola Britton                   0               (7) Pat Eisenman              3

(8) Marlene Kirkpatrick      1.5             (8) Alexis Butler                1.5

                Four-Ball            0                              Four-Ball             3             


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