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Rumbling Jets and a Chilling Wind Surround Year’s First Member Day


By Beaux Yenchik, UGA Intern


Millcreek, UT – The rumble of fighter jets and wind-directed tee shots whisked through Hubbard Golf Course on the year’s first Member Day.

For many of us, the opportunity to play private courses is just about non-existent. Occasionally, we may find ourselves fantasizing about the luxuries of a locker room or the perfectly-mowed fairways that come from these types of courses.

What would it be like if I could set my feet on the first-tee box and imagine the result of my would-be shot?

Members of the Utah Golf Association are quite lucky, this so-called fantasy is in fact a reality. Each year, members of the UGA sign up to play some of the top non-public courses throughout the state at a decent price. These non-competitive events allow for all golfers, no matter how good they are, to play on these so-called cherished grounds.

Beginning at Hubbard GC is quite the special experience, especially for those who have never set foot on Hill Air Force Base or any military base for that matter. A certain awe sets in as you are greeted by armed guards at the gates. Though slightly intimidating at first, a certain sense of gratitude is felt after the guard hands you your ID and you proceed to wind your way through the base to the course – admiring the planes just a short distance away.

“My son is a Marine,” Troy Selk said. “It was a great opportunity to come play on base … Watching the planes and fighters fly around and just the sound [was] kind of cool. I think it took us longer to play our round because we’d stop and watch the jets.”

For some – like Selk and Craig Curtis of Highland, UT – it was a Member’s Day first. With intentions of preparing for upcoming qualifiers and getting a feel for how things are ran, the two agreed it was something they wanted to continue in the future.

“This is our first Member Day we have ever played in,” Curtis said. “We’ve been UGA members for a long time but have never played.”

As players exited their cars, they were met by a chilling wind that rushed out of the mouth of the canyon just east of the base.  Though sunny and mid-spring, players bundled up to survive the chilly wind until it mostly died down toward the end of the fields’ front nine.

On a course that already demanded accuracy from its participants, players had to be extra careful in their management of the wind. If not, one could find themselves hitting punch shots out from underneath the trees all day.

Overall, the consensus for those playing around the semi-undulating course was how much fun they were having. What could one do better with their time on a Friday than to play with those they enjoy spending most of their time with?

“It was a great time,” Curtis stated. “The course is in good shape and a lot of people [were] here.”


UGA Member Day Tournament List





Hubbard at Hill AFB

April 27th

9:00 Shotgun



August 14th

9:00 Shotgun



August 30th

9:30 Tee Times


Jeremy Ranch G&CC

October 1st

10:00 Shotgun


Hubbard at Hill AFB

October 4th

9:00 Shotgun



October 8th

8:30 Shotgun



October 15th

10:00 Shotgun


Oakridge Country Club

October 22nd

10:00 Shotgun


If you are interested in playing in any of our UGA Member Days this year, please CLICK HERE to register.