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UGA Welcomes Oakridge General Manager Mark Jensen as New Board Member


By Megan Huntsman, Programs Administrator


The Utah Golf Association is pleased to welcome Mark Jensen to the UGA Board of Directors. In addition to his general manager position at Oakridge Country Club in Farmington, Utah, Jensen is a loyal member of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), the professional Association for managers of membership clubs.

“Mark is going to bring a variety of skills and leadership qualities to the UGA,” explained Executive Director Bill Walker. “He is a respected leader in the golf community, and our organization is looking forward to having him serve on the board.”

Aside from living in Texas and California off and on throughout his early childhood, Mark was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He graduated from Brighton High School and attended The University of Utah while working full time at Willow Creek Country Club’s restaurant. Jensen eventually was promoted to dining room manager and opted to continue his career in the golf industry rather than complete his education at the U.  

Following his time at Willow Creek, Mark served as assistant manager of Oakridge Country Club. He then took the assistant manager position at Hillcrest Country Club located in the bench area in southwest Boise, Idaho. Not long after, Jensen continued climbing the career ladder by accepting the general manager position at Royal Oaks Country Club in Vancouver, Washington, where he stayed for four years. In 2005, he moved his family back home to Utah and returned to Oakridge Country Club in the role of general manager.

Mark found the love of his life, Kimberly, at the tender age of 21, and they were married 30 years ago next March. Kimberly graduated from The University of Utah’s Master of Social Work Program and now works as a clinical social worker at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful.

Together, Mark and Kimberly have three talented children: Tasia (24), Clayton (21) and Bennett (19). Tasia (24) earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film from The University of Utah and currently resides in Manhattan studying journalism at The City University of New York. Clayton graduated with a BS in sociology from Utah State University in May 2017. He now works at the Utah Division of Child and Family Services as a full-time intake specialist. Last but not least, Bennett works as a part-time barista at Grounds for Coffee and spends his free time volunteering as a custodian at Lakeview Hospital.

When given the opportunity to escape life at the club, Mark finds serenity in training for half marathons and marathons. He is registered for the 2018 Ogden Marathon and plans to run the 2018 St. George Marathon. Jensen’s dream is to one day run the New York City Marathon or the Boston Marathon in the not-too-distant future. He also enjoys skiing at Snowbasin Resort in the offseason.

Golf has always played a large part in the life of Mark Jensen. From playing recreationally with his high school buddies to volunteering at the Utah Open at Willow Creek and getting a full-time position out of it, opportunities to continue learning the ins and outs of golf just keep falling in his lap, and he is loving it. Mark is looking forward to gaining more knowledge about handicapping, course rating, the history of Utah golf, and he wants to continue his Rules of Golf education while serving on the board.

“I’m excited to learn more about the goals and initiatives of the UGA,” explained Jensen. “Golf is such a great opportunity for everybody of every age, and I see so many people not taking advantage of it. I want to do all I can as a board member to assist the UGA in promoting and growing golf in Utah.”