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Getting to Know Jon Rhodes

Jon Rhodes is a well-known Physical Therapist in Northern Utah who just opened up a beautiful new clinic in Farmington. You might be wondering why we would highlight an ordinary PT? Jon is a not ordinary, he is a Golf Performance Specialist, certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, and he is extremely knowledgeable about the golf swing and how your weak areas affect it. He has teamed up with local PGA Professionals to create the UGA Player Improvement Seminars hosted by Rhodes Physical Therapy that are free for all UGA members.


Check out the Q&A session with Jon below:

What schools did you attend and how long have you been a PT?

17 years as a PT

BYU – BS in Exercise Science
University of Colorado – Masters in Physical Therapy
Troy State University – Masters in Business (MBA)
Regis University (Denver, Colorado), Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

What was the opening date of Rhodes Physical Therapy? And what was your inspiration for opening your own clinic?

We started seeing patients on May 1st, 2016.  I have wanted to open my own clinic for over 10 years.  I finally found a great location and the timing was right to make the leap of faith.  It has been going so well, I wish I would have done it earlier, but you never know until you jump into it fully.  

How many staff members do you have?

I currently have a staff of 6 people, front office helpers, and PT aides.  I have 2 massage therapists that work with me here, and a personal trainer, and another PT who works here part-time.  


What kind of equipment do you use? Anything special in your clinic that you might not find anywhere else?

Through my certification with the Titleist Performance Institute, we have a great association with Life Fitness.  They outfit most of the golf gyms across the country.  My clinic has a golf emphasis and so I wanted to have equipment that will help with golf related exercises and worked great with general Orthopedic physical therapy.  I feel like we have a state of the art facility for golf specific physical therapy and fitness.  We have a built in hitting bay so that we can measure the golf swing and help players get back to the game and enhance their golf ability.  

Talk a little bit about your golf background and experience helping players. What special technology do you have in your golf room?

I started working with golfers when I first became a PT 17 years ago.  I was trained to work with the players on the PGA, and LPGA tours when I worked for HealthSouth in Hawaii.  When the Titleist Performance Institute started in 2006, I was one of the first to be certified in their programs.  I am currently TPI certified Level III Medical, Level III Junior, and Level II biomechanics (highest level).  I have worked with many of the best professionals and amateurs in the state.  As part of the evaluation process I use the K-Vest 3-D motion capture system.  (see my website for more info on the K-vest and golf program prices).  The K-Vest helps me see what the body is doing in the golf swing.  It quantifies how much turn, tilt, and flex a player has in their swing.  I then compare that data with my evaluation findings to determine if what I measure, correlates to their golf swing.  One of the biggest things that the K-Vest measures is efficiency.  I can see if a player uses their body correctly and in the proper sequence from the back swing, to the down swing to impact.  It truly is amazing data and can really help a player take the next step in their playing career.  Golf is a difficult sport, and it is nice utilizing technology to make your practice more efficient.  


What is your favorite part of your job?

I love helping people.  I enjoy the entire process from examination to treatment to completion.  It is always hard saying good-bye to patients when they finish their program because the feel like we have made a great bond and they are more than just patients, but part family.  

What does “Welcome to the Family” mean to you?

Like I mentioned above…when people trust you for treatment they really allow you to become part of their lives.  They share their problems and fears and we help them through it.  I want my clinic to have a family atmosphere where no matter who you are, you are treated like a VIP.   I named my new clinic Rhodes Physical Therapy in hopes that my kids may want to be a part of the business some day and I can pass it on to them.  I have such amazing kids and now being so close to home they can come and visit me anytime.  I have family pictures throughout the clinic and we love a visit from them all, especially my 2-year-old triplets!  When you become a patient of mine, you really become part of my family.  I have been lucky to have patients follow me from Ogden and I am grateful for that.  I look forward to welcoming more patients and golf clients to the family.  


Now for the fun stuff:


What’s your favorite golf course in Utah?

We have some great golf courses in Utah, and I am blessed to live by several great ones.  I am currently a member of Oakridge CC and me and my kids enjoy playing there mostly.  I grew up playing Valley View and Davis Park and so those courses hold special places in my heart.  

How many hole-in-ones have you had?

I have been lucky enough to have 3 holes in one.  One at Glen Eagle (13), and two at Ogden Golf and Country Club.  (15) and (18). 

You have an extensive putter cover collection; can you tell me a little bit about it?

My first putter head cover was a TPI Scotty Cameron that I got about 8 years ago and I was told only a few of them were made.  I slowly added to the collection over time.  Then I had a patient who was really great at wood working and I hired him to make the hangers for me and so of course I had to fill them up!  


Whether you are working to strengthen your body after an injury, prevent an injury from happening, or you want to identify your weaknesses, Jon and his team at Rhodes Physical Therapy can help! If you are interested in any of the UGA Player Improvement Seminars hosted by Rhodes Physical Therapy, CLICK HERE.