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Rasmussen’s 62 Blitzes Sun River Field, Including Zac Blair


By Joe Watts


Rhett Rasmussen, one of BYU’s most promising recruits, must have visions of sugarplums dancing in his head. The future super star for the Cougars hasn’t even played a day for the Cougars and won’t play in his first collegiate tournament until the fall season. Who knows, after this exciting weekend, he may decide to skip the whole college gig and go straight to the PGA Tour.


Rasmussen had one of the most enjoyable rounds of his young golf career this past weekend when he ‘had his best putting round ever’ and shot a final round nine-under-par 62 to win the Southern Utah Open at Sun River Golf Course in St. George.


The victory was very special for last year’s UGA Player of the Year, not because he won the tournament and not because he beat all the Utah pros who were also entered in the tournament, but mainly because he was paired in the final group with Zac Blair. Yes, the one of PGA Tour fame; yes, the one who has already earned $800,000 on the tour this year; yes, Rhett matched him shot for shot, and even better than that—he made nine birdies and no bogeys and beat Blair by seven shots that final day.


It will be a day that will be remembered for the rest of his college career and a confidence builder of enormous importance.


The 62 under those conditions is a refiner’s fire that few incoming freshman ever know.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Rhett said. “I’ve played with Zac several times, and he always makes me feel comfortable. He’s a wonderful playing companion, and I feel lucky to have the experience of playing with him.”


For the tournament, Rasmussen shot 69-62–131 and won the amateur championship flight by six shots over Cameron Crawford, who shot 69-68–137. Crawford was also playing in the final foursome and also edged Blair by one shot on the day.


Blair won the professional division with rounds of 66-69–135. Jake Ellison, who also played in the final pairing, finished second among the pros with a score of 71-70–141.


The field of professionals was especially strong, and the top five finishers are all accomplished veterans, consisting of Zac Blair, Jake Ellison, Chris Moody, Nick Killpack, and Dusty Fielding. The Utah Section PGA is loaded with outstanding professional golfers.

This win by Rasmussen is no minor matter. He beat all these great pros by a comfortable margin with an almost flawless round of golf. The words 'almost flawless' are used just because there might have been a silent hiccup or two along the way that didn't reflect on the scorecard.


Rasmussen, who won't even graduate from high school until next month, may have a short collegiate career. Does the PGA Tour have an age restriction? For sure, he is the new face of amateur golf in Utah, and BYU might have its greatest recruit since Johnny Miller.



Top Five Overall Scores

131- Rhett Rasmussen, 69-62-131

135- Zac Blair, 66-69-135

137- Cameron Crawford, 69-68

141- David Jennings, 71-70; Jake Ellison, 71-70


Top Five Professional Division

135- Zac Blair, 66-69-135

141- Jake Ellison, 71-70

142- Chris Moody, 74-68

143- Nick Killpack, 74-69

143- Dusty Fielding, 71-72


Top Five Championship Flight

131- Rhett Rasmussen, 69-62-131

137- Cameron Crawford, 69-68

141- David Jennings, 71-70

143- Brad Millard, 73-70

144- Afa Vasi, 74-70


Top Five Senior Amateurs

142- Ron Davis, 72-70

143- Greg Gust, 74-69

145- Brett Sampson, 73-72

147- Kirk Siddens, 75-72

147- Randy Hicken, 74-73


Top Four Senior Professionals

145- David Hall, 77-68

147- Stacy Hart, 79-68

147- Steve Schneiter, 77-70

150- Roy Christensen, 77-73


Top Five Super Senior Amateurs

147- Kerry Miller, 71-76

150- Jim Huegly, 73-77

151- Craig Dearden, 74-77

152- James Fleming, 77-75

154- Richard Dibblee, 82-72


Top Three Super Senior Pros

149- Peter Sylvester, 74-75

151- Ron Branca, 75-76

160- William Breland, 86-74


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