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Finau’s Contagious Smile (and Advice) on Cover of Latest Issue of Golf Digest

The cover story of the November issue of Golf Digest features Utahn Tony Finau. It is a great cover picture of the happy photogenic former Utah State Amateur champion. His fan winning smile makes any heart sing with joy.

The story is in the first person with Tony talking about various subjects as he was interviewed by Max Adler and photographed by Walter Looss Jr.

The cover introduces the story with the title “The Fastest Way to Get Better” by Tony Finau. The inside headline says ‘Start Long, Finish Strong,' and another subhead says ‘Focus on Your Driving and Putting to Get Better Faster.' Another subhead on the inside says ‘Drive It Like a Kid.’

It is interesting reading and makes the reader appreciate that Finau is well versed in the fundamentals, but also is willing to venture into new territory.

He takes a different view of putting than the current standard and summarizes his putting views with the word “speed.”

To quote him, “I believe that on an ideal putt the ball trickles in on its last rotation. That’s why I always read the maximum amount of break.”

He has several other tips that may help your golf game, so pony up, and go get the latest Golf Digest.

(This is not an advertisement, it’s just a heads up!)