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Utah Wins 25th Shootout With Arizona, 40-32; Increases Lead to Four Years

Utah won the 25th Annual Utah Arizona-Shootout Tuesday at Jeremy Ranch by a 40-32 margin.

Utah has now gone six straight years without losing and has increased its series lead to four years, the widest gap between the two teams during its 25 year history. Utah now has a 14-10-1 lead in the series.

It was a see-saw battle with neither team able to gain a big advantage until Utah took command by winning the final five individual matches. Cameron Crawford, Ryan Brimley and Darrin Overson won their matches to overtake Arizona’s slim lead. Utah’s Kelsey Chugg swept all her points in the first match of the day. No Arizona player managed to sweep any of their Utah opponents.

“When we scheduled this event at Jeremy Ranch we were a bit worried about the possibility of bad weather this late in the year, but we had three Bluebird days,” said Jacob Miller, Utah's Director of Rules and Competitions, and it was a great competition. A majority of Arizona's team were seniors and our younger guys had big distance advantages off the tees and that was pretty difficult for Arizona to overcome,” he said.

Bill Walker, UGA Executive Director, said, “It was a great competition and is always the highlight of the season, regardless of the outcome.  It gives both states a chance to recognize their top players and to intermingle with one another.”

On Monday Utah won the Foursomes segment, but Arizona won the Four Ball segment and held a one point lead going into the Singles matches on Tuesday. Utah won the Singles matches 22 ½ to 13 ½

The complete year-by-year history of the matches, including all individual matches, can be seen at HERE.

The results of all segments of this year’s competition are below.

Monday Morning

Foursomes Results

Utah 9 ½, Arizona 8 1/2

At Large

Cameron Crawford-David Jennings, Utah, def. Tom Sweigart-Jeff New, Arizona, 2-1.

Kurt Owen-Ryan Brimley, Utah def. Tom Beach-Jeff Benton, Arizona, 3-0

Greg Cesarek-Grant Cesarek, Arizona, def. Darrin Overson-Dan Horner, Utah, 2-1

Adam Walicki-Shankar Natarajan, Arizona tied Jason Hargett-Ben Jorgensen, Utah, 1 ½-1 ½


Marc Apps-Murphy Mitchell, A, def. Pat Murphy-Bill Probst, U, 2-1


Kelsey Chugg-Sadie Palmer, U, def. Kim Eaton-Shelby Phillips, A, 2-1

Monday Afternoon

Four Ball Results

Arizona 10, Utah 8

At Large

Cameron Crawford-Kurt Owen def. Tom Beach-Tom Sweigart, 2-1

Jeff New-Jeff Benton def. David Jennings-Ryan Brimley, 2 ½-1/2

Jason Hargett-Dan Horner, U tied Greg Cesarek- Shankar Natarajan, 1 ½-1 1/2

Grant  Cesarek-Adam Waliki, A def. Ben Jorgensen-Darrin Overson. 2 ½ to 1/2

At Large- Arizona 7 ½, Utah 4 1/2


Marc Apps-Murphy Mitchell, A, def. Pat Murphy-Bill Probst, U, 2 ½ – ½

Seniors- Arizona 2 ½, Utah 1/2


Kelsey Chugg-Sadie Palmer, def. Kim Eaton-Shelby Phillips, A, 3-0

Women- Utah 3, Arizona 0


Individual Match Results

Utah 22 ½, Arizona 13 1/2


Kelsey Chugg, U def. Kim Eaton, A, 3-0

Shelby Phillips, A, def. Sadie Palmer, U, 2 ½-1/2

Women’s Total: Utah 3 ½, Arizona 2 1/2


Pat Murphy, U, def. Marc Apps, A, 2 ½-1/2

Murphy Mitchell, A, def. Bill Probst, U, 2 ½-1/2

Senior Total- Utah 3, Arizona 3

At Large

Greg Cesarek, A, def. Dan Horner, U, 2-1

Jeff New, A, def. Jason Hargett, U, 2-1

Tom Sweigart, A, def. Ben Jorgensen, 2-1

Cameron Crawford, U, def. Shankar Natarajan, A, 3-0

Ryan Brimley, U, def. Tom Beach, A, 3-0

Kurt Owen, U, def. Jeff Benton, A, 2-1

Darrin Overson, U, def. Grant Cesarak, A, 3-0

David Jennings, U, def. Adam Walicki, A, 2 ½-1/2

Singles Score: Utah 22 ½, Arizona 13 ½

Total Team Scores: Utah 40, Arizona 32

Series Record, Utah 14, Arizona 10, Ties 1