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Utah Edges Arizona in Foursomes Segment of Shootout

The Utah-Arizona Shootout got underway this morning at Jeremy Country Club with foursomes as the opening segment and although the Arizonans lost the segment by one point it was close enough to establish that the matches are likely to be close and every point will be valuable and could be the final difference.

Utah holds a 13-10-1 lead in the traditional contest that is celebrating its 25th competition this week.

Utah scored 9 ½ points in the foursome segment with Kurt Owen and Ryan Brimley sweeping all three points in the Nassau scoring system (one point for the front, one for the back, and one for the 18).

To offset that loss Arizona’s seniors, Marc Apps and Murphy Mitchell, won all three points against Utah’s seniors, Pat Murphy and Bill Probst.

The afternoon matches will be in a four-ball format, and the competition will end Tuesday morning with the 12 individual matches.

Morning Segment


Cameron Crawford-David Jennings, Utah, def. Tom Sweigart-Jeff New, Arizona, 2-1.

Kurt Owen-Ryan Brimley, Utah def. Tom Beach-Jeff Benton, Arizona, 3-0

Greg Cesarek-Grant Cesarek, Arizona, def. Darrin Overson-Dan Horner, Utah, 2-1

Adam Walicki-Shankar Natarajan, Arizona tied Jason Hargett-Ben Jorgensen, Utah, 1 ½-1 ½


Marc Apps-Murphy Mitchell, A, def. Pat Murphy-Bill Probst, U, 2-1


Kelsey Chugg-Sadie Palmer, U, def. Kim Eaton-Shelby Phillips, A, 2-1

Score: Utah 9 ½, Arizona 8 ½