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Arizona Announces Shootout Roster, More Than Half Are Seniors

Arizona announced its roster for the 25th Annual Utah-Arizona Shootout  and  more than half the team is 50 years of age or older. The competition between the two states begins Monday morning at Jeremy Country Club.

“We would like to start closing the gap,” said Tom Beach, Arizona’s most veteran player. Beach played in the very first competition 24 years ago at Hidden Valley Country Club. Utah won that match and the defeat kick started Arizona’s desire to ‘even the score’ and the rivalry has continued for 25 years.

Although 60 years old, Beach is one of four senior age players who will be playing in the At Large Division for Arizona. The tournament format has a Senior Division that requires two other seniors. Although the Women’s Division has no age restrictions one of those spots is also being filled by a senior. Thus eight of the 12 team members are 50 years of age or older.

The teams will hold a practice round Sunday prior to the annual Shootout dinner. Monday’s schedule includes the four-ball and foursome segments, and the contest concludes Tuesday morning with the individual matches.

Arizona’s roster is as follows:

At Large- Adam Waliki 35; Tom Beach, 60; Grant Cesarek, 38; Greg Cesarek, 44; Jeff New, 59; Shankar Nataragan, 38; Tomn Sweigart, 58; Jeff Benton, 51.

Seniors- Marc Apps, 55; Murphy Mitchell, 61

Women-  Kim Eaton, 56; Shelby Phillips, 22

The previously announced Utah roster is as follows:

At Large- Ryan Brimley, Darrin Overson, Cameron Crawford, Kurt Owen, Ben Jorgensen, Dan Horner, David Jennings, Jason Hargett.

Seniors- Pat Murphy, Bill Probst

Women- Kelsey Chugg, Sadie Palmer