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It’s Wasatch vs. Talons Cove, The Barn vs. East Bay in Senior 8-Man Team Semifinals

The semifinal round of the UGA Eight-Man Team League will be played Thursday at Hobble Creek with The Barn meeting East Bay in one match and Talons Cove facing Wasatch Mountain in the other match.

Talons Cove advanced to the semifinals by defeating Schneiter's Bluff  and The Barn advanced by defeating Bountiful Ridge, both teams winning by identical 22-14 scores. Russell Hook and Gary Witzel led the Talons crew by tallying seven and a half points between them. Nate Herzog and Chris Dahlberg led The Barn by winning all nine points in their match.

In the other quarterfinal matches East Bay clobbered Glenmoor, 28 1/2 to 7 1/2 and Wasatch edged Bonneville, 20 1/2 to 15 1/2.

The Wasatch-Bonneville contest featured some great matches. Paul Cannon led scoring for Wasatch with four points. He was the only player on either team to sweep points in the close individual matches.

UGA 8-Man Team

Senior Public Links Division

Talons Cove 22, Schneiter's Bluff 14

Greg Gust, TC, def. Ken Cromwell, SB, 3-0

Greg Stimpson, SB, def. Rod Gust, TC, 3-0

4-Ball- Schneiter's Bluff, 2.5-.5

Kevin Rutherford, SB, def. Jeff Burton, TC, 2-1

Rick Groendyke, TC, def. Ruben Escobedo, SB, 2-1

4-Ball- Talons Cove, 2.5-.5

Rob Bachman, TC, def. Jack Rupe, SB, 2.5-.5

Rod Stanger, SB, def. Lester Perry, 3-0

4-Ball, Talons Cove, 3-0

Russ Hook, TC, def. Gary Schenck, SB, 2.5-.5

Gary Witzel, TC, def. Keith Cook, SB, 2.5-.5

4-Ball- Talons Cove, 2.5-.5

Barn 22, Bountiful Ridge 14

Eldon Richter, BR, def. Kelly Woodland, Barn, 2.5-.5

Shon Woodland, Barn, def. Gary Stewart, BR, 3-0

4-Ball- The Barn, 2-1

Todd Kartchner, BR, def. Kurt Moore, Barn, 2.5-.5

Jon Wheeler, BR, def. Tom Bashford, Barn, 2-1

4-Ball- Barn, 2-1

Rod McLean, BR, def. Shayne Henry, Barn, 2-1

Jeff Layne, Barn, def. Dave Gill, BR, 2.5-.5

4-Ball- Bountiful Ridge, 2.5-.5

Nate Herzog, Barn, def. Roger Kemp, BR, 3-0

Chris Dahlberg, Barn, def. Ron Mugleston, BR, 3-0

4-Ball- Barn, 3-0

East Bay 28.5, Glenmoor 7.5

Brett Sampson, EB, def. Felton Lancaster, G, 3-O

Ron Davis, EB, def. John Porter, G, 2.5-.5

4-Ball- East Bay, 2.5-.5

Pat Murphy, EB, def. Ron Vaclavic, G, 3-0

Randy Hicken EB, def. Terry Defa, B, 2.5-.5

4-Ball- East Bay, 2.5-.5

Caros Facholas, G, def. Jim Archibald, EB, 3-0

Elton Loy, EB, def. Jim Holden, G, 2-1

4-Ball- East Bay, 2.5-.5

Cory Carter, EB, def. Rick Adair, G, 3-0

Brad Denver, EB, def. Doug Kershaw, 2-1

4-Ball- East Bay, 3-0

Wasatch Mountain 20.5, Bonneville A, 15.5

Craig Wilson, B, def. Stu Nelson, W, 2-1

Rick Lloyd, B, def. Kirk Siddens, W, 2-1

4-Ball- Tied, 1.5-1.5

Dana Nelson, B, def. Mike Jorgensen, W, 2.5-.5

Paul Cannon, W, def. Mark Madsen, 3-0

4-Ball- Wasatch Mtn., 2-1

Joe Cornwall, W, def. Ken Sowby, B, 2.5-.5

Kevin Pyle, W, def. Richard Dibblee, B, 2-1

4-Ball- Wasatch, 2-1

Mike Holm, W, def. Dennis Shafer, B, 2.5-.5

Todd Morgan, B, def. Steve Holm, W, 2-1

4-Ball- Bonneville, 2-1