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Navy Team Defeats White Team in Annual Goddard Cup Matches

Team Navy whipped up on Team White , 18-6, in the annual UGA Women’s Goddard Cup competition held Thursday at Oakridge Country Club.

The Goddard Cup is named after and in memory of Jeannie Goddard, a long time promoter of women’s golf and the first woman president of the Utah Golf Association.

The teams are selected from the UGA Women's Player Performance Ranking (WPPR) with the odd number ranked ladies (1,3,5, etc,) competing against the even number ranked ladies (2,4,6, etc.). Each year the teams are named after their uniform colors.

One would think that the selection process would make the teams nearly equal in strength, but this year the huge 18-6 victory margin belies the outcome.

The competition included a foursome segment (alternating shot) and a four-ball segment and the points were accorded based on one point for the front nine, one point for the back nine, and one point for the 18 holes.

The Navy Team won the foursome segment 10-2 and the four-ball segment, 8-4.

Carly Oldroyd and Naomi Soifua were the leading scorers for the Navy team with three points each. Brooklyn Hocker led the White team with one and three-quarter points.

Foursome Segment

Brooklyn Hocker-Sirene Blair, White, def. Kelsey Chugg, Lea Garner, Navy, 2-1

Carly Oldroyd-Sadie Palmer, Navy, def. Kimberly Nyhus-Katie Perkins, White, 3-0

Xena Motes-Naomi Soifua, Navy, def. Kendra Dalton-Kareen Alton, White, 3-0

Sue Nyhus-Gardiner, Navy, def. Scott-Herman, White, 3-0

4-Ball Segment

Soifua-Garner, Navy, def. Kimberly Nyhus-Blair, White, 3-0

Oldroyd-Chugg, Navy, def. Alton-Perkins, White, 3-0

Dalton-Hocker, White, halved Motes-Palmer, Navy, 1 ½-1 ½

Roberta Scott-Mary Herman, White def. Sue Nyhus-Karen Gardiner, Blue, 2 ½- ½

Final Score: Navy 18, White 6