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Rasmussen Wins Last Burton Lumber SLC City Open at Wingpointe

Rhett Rasmussen shot a pair of 66s to win what is expected to be the last Burton Lumber Salt Lake City Open. Wingpointe is scheduled for closing at the end of this season and so Rasmussen will be defending his newly won title at some other site.

Kenny You finished two shots behind Rasmussen and the two of them were well ahead of the rest of the field.

It is suggested that those who would like to see Wingpointe stay open should write a letter of complaint about it to the Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker.

Those who shot even par or better were as follows:

132- Rhett Rasmussen, 66-66

134- Kenny You, 68-66

138- Andrew Sellers, 66-72

139- Cameron Howe, 70-69; Brandon Kida, 72-67

140- Jose Pelayo, 70-70; Patrick Fishburn, 72-68; CJ Lee, 72-68

141- Alan Vrabel, 69-72

142- Ryan Klassovity, 68-74; Kirk Siddens, 71-71; Kurt Jamison, 71-71

143- Herb Lyons, 69-74; Preston Alder, 72-71; JT Timmons, 73-70

144- Ryan Brimley, 67-77; Tom Forsman, 70-74

Scorecards are not available, but other scores can be seen at: