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State Am Footnotes; Rodgers Lost Only One Hole in Three Matches

BYU’s past meets the future in today’s quarterfinal match between Jordan Rodgers, who just graduated, and Kai Ruiz, who will be entering BYU in the fall.

Rodgers has blitzed all of his opponents so far, and in fact, has lost only one hole in defeating Isiah Wolferstan, 8 and 6; Glen Spencer 5 and 4; and Dave Jennings, 6 and 5. Ruiz hopes to last a little longer in today’s quarterfinal match. (A Hats Off to the Tribune’s Jay Drew for noticing that Rodgers had lost only one hole.)

Rodgers was tri-medalist in the 36-hole qualifying along with Justin Mortensen and Patrick Fishburn. They finished nine under par. There have been several occasions in State Am history when there were three medalists, but not since 1956 when Lou North, Joe Bernolfo, and Doug Lund shot 70 in an 18-hole qualifying round at the Country Club.