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Streb Makes Greenbrier Playoff Using Sand Wedge as Putter

Robert Streb, a PGA Tour player, broke his putter after the ninth hole of the Greenbrier Classic, and under the rules was not permitted to replace it because it was not broken during the normal course of play. The head of the putter came off while he was throwing it to his caddie.

Streb was nine under par at that time and very much in contention.

He chose to use his sand wedge and proceeded to make five birdies and a bogey on the back nine to finish in a four-way tie for first place.

Here is a tally of his sand wedge putts on the back nine:

10- Made from three inches (Birdie)

11- Made from four feet (Birdie)

12- Missed from 35 feet nine inches; made from four foot five inches (Par)

13- Made from 26 feet eight inches (Birdie)

14- Missed from 12 foot seven inches; made from six inches (Par)

15- Missed from 34 feet seven inches; made from 21 inches (Par)

16- Made from nine feet nine inches (Birdie)

17- Missed from 23 feet eight inches; missed from five feet one inch; made from two feet one inch. (Three putt bogey)

18- Made from five feet seven inches (Birdie) to make playoff.

He was permitted to use his putter in the playoff. He missed the green and bogeyed the hole, but details of the length of putts on that hole were not readily available.