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BYU Duo Garner-Dalton Play Bogey Free Both Days to Win UGA Women’s Four-Ball Title

Lea Garner and her BYU teammate Kendra Dalton played all 36 holes of the UGA Women’s Four-Ball Championship without a bogey and carded seven birdies each day and threw in an eagle in the final round for back-to-back scores of 65-65-130. It was a remarkable two days of great golf for the BYU teammates.

It was also remarkable that the second best score was only four shots behind the champions. The mother-daughter, coach-student, and Utah Valley University duo of Sue and Kimberly Nyhus posted rounds of 67-67-134. On the first day they also went bogey free but carded ‘only’ three birdies and an eagle. The second round they bogeyed together twice, but had nine birdies.

The first round of the tournament was held at Glendale and the final round at Rose Park.

In other flights Nan Mendenhall and Valerie Green easily won first flight by a margin of seven shots over Jane Hughes and Brenda Blackham. Mendenhall and Green shot 70-74-144.

The second flight was about as close as a tournament could be. There was a tie for first place between teams of Denise Vilven-Judy Allem and Jackie Brophy-Linda Lindquist. They shot identical daily scores of 77-80-157. Just one stroke back of them at 158 was Linda Barry and Joan Young on a score of 77-81-158. Sandy Leonard and Eileen Rich were just another stroke back at 159, and another team at 160, and another team at 161, and another team at 162, and another team at 163. It was very unusual to have so many teams within one shot of the team ahead of them.

In third flight Linda McBride and Brenda Paris teamed for top honors with a score of 82-91-173.

The results:

Championship Flight

130- Lea Garner-Kendra Dalton, 65-65

134- Sue Nyhus-Kimberly Nyhus, 67-67

136- Annette Gaiotti-Beatrice Peck, 68-68; Jodi White-Kareen Alton, 65-71

First Flight

144- Nan Mendenhall-Valerie Green, 70-74

151- Jane Hughes, Brenda Blackham, 74-77; Patricia Smith-Cheryle Mason, 74-77

Second Flight

157- Jackie Brophy-Vickie Lindquist, 77-80 ; Denise Vilven-Judy Allem, 77-80

158- Linda Barry-Joan Young, 77-81

159- Sandy Leonard-Eileen Rich, 75-84

160- Haisoon Kim-Susan Kim, 79-81

Third Flight

173- Linda McBride-Brenda Paris, 82-91

177- Julie Feigleson-Debbie Green, 85-92

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