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Siddens’ Match Play Skein Now 12; Faces New Face in Quarterfinals

The UGA Senior Match Play Championship has now advanced to the quarterfinal stage in all three divisions and two-time defending champion Kirk Siddens is still the ‘man of the hour.’ He has now won 12 straight matches over a three year period and in the quarterfinals will face a ‘new face’ in Utah golf, John Edwards, (more about him later).

The other quarterfinal matches in the Championship Division will pit Dana Nelson against Paul Cannon, Bill Probst against Craig Wilson, and Brett Sampson against Todd Barker. They all won their matches handily except for Wilson who had to go an extra hole to oust Craig Gardner.

Eight solid players have advanced to the quarterfinals in the Super Senior Division (65 and over). Dave Fischer will face Jeff Campbell, Brent Tidwell will square off with Vern Erickson, Richard Willis will challenge Doug Marriott, and Al Simkins faces Brent Marriott. Erickson had the easiest match, a forfeit, and Brent Marriott had the toughest test. He had to go 19 holes to beat Reed Benson.

The Net Division has also been whittled to the final eight players and the quarterfinals will pit Tracy Smith against Craig Sorenson, Lee Garner against Bret Hancock, Jason Tanner versus Val Cahoon, and Gus Stribakos against Dean Bond.

The main focus remains on two-time defending champion Kirk Siddens. After disposing of Ruben Escobedo, 3 and 2, and Karl Avant, 5 and 4, Siddens has now won 12 straight matches in the UGA Senior Match Play Championship over a three year period. Next up: John Edwards.

Who is John Edwards? That’s the question all the players are asking.  Well, his current best calling card in golf is that he is father of Shaun Edwards, one of the state’s accomplished amateurs and who is now head professional at Hill Air Force Base. So, if there is anything to the ‘like father, like son,’ saying then Kirk Siddens had better strap on his boots. This could be a good match.

John Edwards is a retired educator and now “mows the range and tends the flowers” at Davis Park golf course. He hasn’t played competitive golf, but he has played a lot of football and baseball where he played the most competitive positions, quarterback and catcher.

Edwards, a California native, came to Utah on an athletic scholarship to Weber State and has coached at Viewmont and Bountiful High Schools, including boy’s golf at Bountiful.

He is 64 years old and has had both hips replaced under the knife of a prominent surgeon also by the name of John Edwards, (the son of LaVell Edwards).

This is his first venture into ‘real’ tournament golf and he entered because he knows where all the flowers are.

The results and schedules are listed below.

Championship Division

First Round Matches

Kirk Siddens def. Ruben Escobedo, 3 and 2

Karl Avant def. Kurt Jamison, 1-up

Chick Lignell def. Marc Nicholas, 3 and 2

John Edwards def. Corey Ford, 2 and 1

Todd Barker def. Richard Church, 4 and 3

Jon Wheeler def. Mike Jorgensen, 1-up

Brett Sampson def. Russell Hook, 2 and 1

Todd Kartchner def. Richard Dibblee, 3 and 2

Bill Probst def. Ben Maddox, 3 and 2

Keith Olson def. Todd Timmons, 5 and 3

Craig Gardner def. Eldon Richter, 1-up

Craig Wilson def. Rick Lloyd, 1-up

Dana Nelson def. Guy Child, 3 and 2

Rob Bachman def. Jeff Powars, 2 and 1

Paul Cannon def. Dan Hatch, 2-up

Mark Madsen def. Mike Hacker, 3 and 2

Second Round Matches

Siddens def. Avant, 5 and 4

Edwards def. Lignell, 2 and 1

Barker def. Wheeler, 4 and 3

Sampson def. Kartchner, 4 and 2

Probst def. Olson, 2 and 1

Wilson def. Gardner, 19 holes

Nelson def. Bachman, 3 and 2

Cannon def. Madsen, 3 and 2

Super Senior Division

Dave Fischer def. John Taylor, 1-up

Jeff Campbell def. Heber Jacobsen, 3 and 1

Brent Tidwell def. George Majors, 2 and 1

Vern Erickson def. Scott Broussard, default

Richard Willis def. Ron Perkins, 5 and 4

Doug Marriott def. Mike O’Keefe, 7 and 6

Allen Simkins def. Allan Thomas, 2 and 1

Brent Marriott def. Reed Benson, 19 holes

Net Division

Tracy Smith def. Kevin Wall, 5 and 4

Craig Sorenson def. Doug Beck, 1-up

Lee Garner def. Brent Madsen, 4 and 3

Bret Hancock def. Kenny Trace, 5 and 3

Jason Tanner def. Thomas Wagner, 2-up

Val Cahoon def. Ken Webb, 2 and 1

Gus Stribakos def. Ted Paulsen, 2 and 1

Dean Bond def. Steve Holm, 4 and 2

Thursday’s Schedule

Super Senior Division

7:30- Dave Fischer vs. Jeff Campbell

7:37- Brent Tidwell vs. Vern Erickson

7:44- Richard Willis vs. Doug Marriott

7:51- Allen Simkins vs. Brent Marriott

Net Division

7:58- Tracy Smith vs. Craig Sorenson

8:05- Lee Garner vs. Bret Hancock

8:12- Jason Tanner vs. Val Cahoon

8:19- Gus Stribakos vs. Dean Bond

Championship Division

8:26- Dana Nelson vs. Paul Cannon

8:33- Bill Probst vs. Craig Wilson

8:40- Todd Barker vs. Brett Sampson

8:47- Kirk Siddens vs. John Edwards